New short and wavy hair styles to experiment!

New short and wavy hair styles to experiment!

Anyone who has had the opportunity to follow us during the hot summer just behind us, knows very well how much space we have been able to give short hair and wavy, a particularly dynamic solution and cheeky which, if properly managed, will be able to give great satisfaction to all the women who decide to marry this style even during the autumn that has just begun.


Short and wavy hair can in fact guarantee a youthful and fresh air, and contrary to what many people think, even wavy hair can be arranged with few extensions, ensuring a lot of grace and the possibility of personalization for lovers of short hair.


Short and wavy cuts can therefore not only be a good choice for those who are passionate about less pronounced cuts, but also the right style solution for women who have a particularly long face, and who through these hair styles finally manage to provide a concrete impression of enlargement and, finally, the right harmony of image.


Thanks to the dynamism of this hair, in fact, making side volumes will be very simple, and your trusted hairdresser will certainly be able to confirm how immediate and lasting the advantages of such a hairstyle are if you wish to enlarge your figure. A green light for a better self-image, to be renewed month after month for a style that will hardly know crisis!


For the aforementioned reasons (and not only!) Today we are pleased to submit a beautiful photogallery with many short and wavy hair styles to evaluate: alternatives in able to enrich the range of possibilities available to you, and which could well represent a fundamental basis of development to create a new look, within reach of all women!


So, don’t waste any more time: take a look at our photogallery, and try to select one or more styles in it that you think will be right for you. Try to “imagine” in the shots that we are submitting to you, and also try to be rather meticulous about the possibility of finding the strengths and weaknesses of each theoretical application.


A final chat with your reference hairstylist will eventually help you to clarify any doubts and questions about the real effectiveness of the cut, and its validity on your head. Once the cut has been made, also ask for some specific products for the good maintenance of the hair and … enjoy your “new” short and wavy hair!

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