New short haircuts for young women not to be missed!

New short haircuts for young women not to be missed!

We are also returning today to deal with the new short haircuts for the young people women , a style that is attracting the attention of a growing number of our readers, and which could peak during the spring season, when the desire to “cut ourselves” generally becomes much more alive and vibrant . In short, the moment is really ideal to try to recommend some new project of restyling , grappling with one of the choices that has created the highest satisfaction rate in recent seasons: the use of a nice cut of short hair !


Is blur better?


Let’s start by remembering that, at least judging how much is becoming reality in these months, short and wavy hair could have the best on short and straight hair, as long as you do not excessively “stress” the your hair. The blur seems to be able to give the right dynamism to your figure, making it more lively and cheeky. Light waves seem to be a must, and we believe that with the approach of next summer the trend can further strengthen, thus allowing all women who decide to “bet” on this hairstyle ] to have a look that will not disappoint you!


So many shades to adopt


Another point of attention that we want to share with you is the possibility of resorting to one of the many shades that are going to be the most popular in these months. In addition to the colors more cool in recent years, which can be reinvigorated using one of the many more modern techniques , in spring summer 2017 short female hair could have the best pastel tones , able to give a touch of romance and greater personality to the young woman (and not only to her!) who will be able to manage them better.


Pixie cut but not only


As far as lengths are concerned, we have already recalled in recent months that the rule of having to look for extremes is not valid at all, as it was particularly in fashion a few years ago, when it seemed that hair styles had to focus on extra short and on the extra long. In fact, the 2017 pixie cuts seem to be more manageable, more tending to the medium, better able to lend themselves to various structures. Once again the contrasts between short and shaved hair prevail, in a game of lengths and variations that you could find very popular in the coming days.


Naturalness is everything


In the light of the foregoing, however, we can only underline how the main research should be that of a greater naturalness of style. Therefore, try to to identify a hairlook that can fully suit your taste and with which you can feel at ease, since during the spring summer 2017, as we have mentioned several times on these pages, the easy style it will be the main trend you will be able to embrace. A trend which, moreover, will also allow you to obtain important advantages every morning, in a phase of styling which will be considerably easier and faster.


35 photos to look at!


As always, we also close our current focus by providing you with a nice series of photos to watch! We therefore invite you to browse them carefully, trying to extrapolate those that you think are best for you: identify yourself at the end of a first phase of skimming, take a few days to be able to imagine yourself struggling with this look and, in the end, to talk about it with your most trusted hairdresser, with whom you can share adjustments and details that will allow you to customize your hairlook in an ideal way. At the end of this … let us know what result you have achieved and if you are fully satisfied!


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