No-Poo Current

The name of a movement initiated by those who do not shampoo their hair; no-poo . For those who started and applied this trend; is called no-pooer . No; no, if poo; It means shampoo. The reason for starting the no-poo current; shampoos that contain chemicals disrupt the natural balance of the hair and believe that shampoos are a kind of detergent. According to no-pooers; hair has a self-cleaning structure. With the shampooing of the hair, the scalp is damaged as a result of the deteriorated oil balance. As a result, the hair structure deteriorates. The hair, which is shampooed with each lubrication, starts to get more and more lubricated over time.

Anti-shampoo no-pooers are developing different methods in which they perform hair washes. They claim that only the hair they wash with water smells good and looks healthy. For those who are just starting this trend; They say that for the first four or six weeks, the hair can be oiled more than it should be, but for a while the hair will reach its normal oil balance. The vast majority of the no-pooers state that their hair, which has been damaged due to processing, has been restored and regained soft and shiny hair.

Suggestions for those whose hair has been oily during this period; In the form of adding two tablespoons of baking soda to a glass of water and applying this mixture to the bottom of the hair. After applying the carbonated water by massaging the scalp; They recommend using apple cider vinegar to soften the hair. They say that a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar added to a glass of water is enough to rinse the hair. In this step, you need to make sure that you rinse the hair thoroughly.


For excessively swollen hair; less carbonate should be used, and less apple cider vinegar should be used for oiled hair. But what you need to pay attention to is; reducing the baking soda and vinegar you use when washing your hair over time. Because the last aim is; hair washing process will be performed only with water.

What no-pooers have stated as a result of this process is the same; within 6 weeks at most; her hair softened, smelled and regained her health . Jennifer Aniston, Adele, Amanda Seyfried, Miranda Kerr and Jessica Simpson are also famous no-pooers of this trend! What do you think is worth trying?



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