Nontouring, the latest hair color trend

Nontouring, the latest hair color trend

It is called nontouring one of the latest trends in the field of hair color . A trend that – we are convinced – will succeed in depopulating the hair of men and women, reinvigorating the various alternatives that all the people most attentive to contemporary trends will be able to ride successfully. But what is it about? And why will the nontouring probably manage to impose itself on the preferences of the many people?


Let’s try to find out a little more, revealing what are the main characteristics of this technique, and why – perhaps – it could be right for you!


What is nontouring


nontouring is what some experts have simplified to be the equivalent of make-up no make-up for the hair ].


In less synthetic terms, it is a particular color that is capable of to naturally enhance the cut of hair and your features of the face , going to add some skilful touches of light and warm shades on blonde, blackberry or coppery hair. The result will be intuitively very natural and will not fail to amaze you and be appreciated!


However, if you ask your trusted hairdresser to recreate it on your hair, you will probably receive a negative answer. Officially, in fact, the nontouring will enter the hair fashion scene only next February in Turin, on the occasion of the Wella Color Consultation 2018, an event in which the main world hairstylist gurus will present all the avant-garde on the theme of color and, within which nontouring will also stand out .


What changes with nontouring


In any case, even if – as we have already mentioned – the nontouring is not yet officially available, the most careful anticipators and precursors of the next fashions have already been well informed about its characteristics and on the way in which these techniques will distort the color palette used to date.


The new trend hair color , adaptable with identical satisfaction on all kinds, is in fact a middle ground between the contouring , which can sculpt the face with chiaroscuro, and the strobing , which achieves more or less the same result but, in addition, adding new light, thus guaranteeing a effect nude ” for each shade of hair, and helping to define and to illuminate any cut imperceptibly .


In short, by greatly exemplifying the aforementioned theme, which may seem perhaps too complex to non-professionals, it is a technique that wants to lighten the color, adding softness and warmth, for a much more natural result than the effect that could be had with other hair color revisiting techniques.


Why focus on nontouring


But why could it be worth focusing on this trend?


The answer is quite simple, and leading experts in the field will not struggle to formulate it. In principle, in fact, nontouring is really ideal to be able to make a haircut more gentle, through a careful insertion of light in the right places, in order not to have so much “structure” in the hair.


The immediate consequence of the nontouring is therefore the possibility of being able to mix everything, from the skin to the hair, creating less contrasts and promoting the enhancement of the cut. To achieve it you can use different coloring techniques suitable for both a male and a female cut, with a harmonious and natural result.


In short, a truly innovative method, which should not be confused with the relative of hair-contouring , which is instead a hair coloring technique that aims to “sculpt” the face, enhancing the merits and hiding flaws with a play of light and shadow.

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