Ombre hair: Cuts not to be missed and shared!

Ombre hair: Cuts not to be missed and shared!

It is not exactly a novelty, but it is highly probable that in the recently started year the ombre hair could have its full consecration . But what are we talking about? Trend of the last three years, the ombre hair is depopulating in more or less famous characters, from this or the other part of the world, proposing itself – probably! – as one of the hottest trends in the coming months. The ombre hair is in fact a particularly usable new coloring technique, which provides that only the tips are colored: the lighter color of the tips will gradually fade towards your natural color, creating a truly unsurpassed effect!


Although it can be used on any hair, the ombre hair reveals its main added values ​​ especially for those with very long hair . On the other hand, in the face of this great versatility and flexibility, we strongly recommend avoiding do-it-yourself approaches: it is in fact a very difficult technique to reproduce at home, and only the expert hands of your hairdresser will allow you to achieve the best results without error. If in fact the light shade of the colors is not respected, the result will presumably be unwatchable.


Having established the above, it is equally good to remember that the variants of the ombre hair are naturally almost infinite. It is in fact possible to resort to a simple light shade with a slightly lighter shade of color, almost reproducing a natural effect (obtaining, in short, shades from sun-lightened hair), or instead proceed to make a much sharper contrast ( you can see some of these examples in our photogallery),


Again, we remind you that although the ombre hair can be used on any type of hair , the best results are mainly obtained from the blackberries that fade towards lighter shades. In contrast, blondes that fade to a darker tone will get a particularly eccentric effect, but much less natural and more sophisticated. If, on the other hand, you want to be more daring and distinguish your hair with a greater personality tone, you can opt for bright colors or pastel colors such as pink and blue. In short, you will be spoiled for choice, and the opportunity to give vent to your passion and your creativity!


Different types of ombre hair for all hair colors!


Even if it is not a real first fruits – being this coloring technique that we have known for many seasons now – the ombre hair will still be able to show all its charm and all its effectiveness for a long time and, certainly, also during the next winter season 2017, which will prove to be very careful in relation to the prolongation of the appeal exercised by the best coloring techniques [19459006 ] positively faced over the past summer, and beyond. But why the ombre hair could also be right for you?


All the advantages of ombre hair


Among the many reasons that should lead you to wearing the ombre hair also in the course of the next year, there is certainly a fundamental benefit: the ombre hair will make you appear simply much more beautiful than your look already does. It is in fact an extremely attractive hair style, easily subject to “maintenance”, adaptable to any type of hair. The hair will therefore be strengthened in terms of “presentation”, and you will certainly be able to find the shades that best enhance your look, making it more dynamic and dimensional.


The current trends


Of course, woe to replicate without any imagination and without any creativity what has already gone out of fashion in recent years: it would be the main step to be able to lead you to a look that is too banal and “already seen”. Therefore, keep in mind that the next season’s ombre hair will have to privilege the naturalness of the hair, therefore trying to avoid the too drastic contrasts that, perhaps, could have gone well in recent seasons. Therefore try to lighten your hair no more than two shades, avoiding to exceed, as was done before. For the rest, it is worth looking at our previous insights: you will certainly find many ideas that are right for you!


How to find your best ombre hair


In order to find your own best ombre hair , the rules have not yet changed (thankfully!). Therefore, talk to your hairdresser and together with him try to determine precisely what the natural complexion of your skin and hair is. For example, try to remember that a light icy or medium brown may be fine for light and cold skin tones. For the reds, it may instead be appropriate to focus on some golden reflections. Of course, there is no limit to fantasy : therefore try to openly confront the hairstylist, and we are sure that you will achieve the desired result!


If you want some useful ideas to be able to quickly define your next look with ombre hair, nothing better than to be lulled by the temptations offered by our gallery . Inside you will find 80 different hair photos that will be excellent ombre hair models. Browse it carefully and try to find the mode of ombre hair closest to your natural color. Don’t forget to think about how to personalize it and make it unique and then talk to your hairdresser about it. And you, what do you say? Is there any style that is really right for you?


But what do you think? Did you know the ombre hair? Have you ever used it to enrich your hair? What colors have you used, or are you going to use? Tell us a little about yourself, and share your experiences in the space dedicated to comments!

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