Ombre hair red: beautiful, lively and surprising!

Ombre hair red: beautiful, lively and surprising!

If we are considering the idea of ​​making a ombre hair red (the ombre hair is a method by which we lighten the hair in order to make the crown of a bright and multifaceted color) is a sign that we try to attract looks or to add a glamorous mood to our everyday hairstyle.


The red ombre hair: beautiful, lively, surprising!


In any case, for whatever reason we are doing it, the red shadow is able to give our hairstyle a unique beauty, impressive for its liveliness. Moreover, it is ideal for any shade of hair color you start with, except for very light natural blond.


Let’s briefly see some variant of ombre hair red , depending on the starting color and personal tastes:


Ombre hair red for brunettes


If you have dark hair do not look for fiery red, it will not be suitable. Brunettes who want their hair to be even brighter will be able to give it a little thought. Go with the dark burgundy par the hair root, streaks color of the flames up to the middle of the hair and then a nice reddish blonde for the tip, with an exciting mix of colors.


Ombre hair cherry red


The red shadows with veins copper stand out more on women with a complexion and hair with a warm chromaticity. But for the others? Well, the darker colors with colder colors will be able to choose precisely for cherry shades. The black> cherry (black to cherry) shadows red gives exciting results on lighter complexions.


Ombre hair moderate red


If you have an office job, or, in any case, you frequent places with certain dress codes and looks in general, it is likely that too flashy hair colors cannot be used. A moderate coppery with a few sunburn blonde is for you.


Ombre hair red defined


If you use it, even in the most minimalist outfit you will never go unnoticed. Half a fiery red fire color , for the other strawberry blonde with a degrading transition. An exceptional chromatic invention for women who like to be noticed.


Ombre hair natural red


It is the “model” that requires less maintenance. Leave the brown at the root, operating only on the tip . The regrowth leaves no marks and is of great class and fashionable .

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