Photos of new color trends for short hair!

Photos of new color trends for short hair!

Are you looking for some really cool new color options for your short haircuts? You do absolutely well! On the other hand, the moment is the right one to find the right mix between the cut and the shade , in the awareness that hair color is just as important as the cut, as it is able to enhance facial features, underline the color of your eyes and provide an elegant look without necessarily changing the length of the hair . In short, a choice to be made carefully, and that will bring you important benefits! But what are some of the coolest trends of the moment?




Before relegating it to a “bizarre” or poorly applicable idea, give some confidence to the possibility of dyeing your hair blue . The hue that is currently going the most is that blue dark , which will certainly be able to appreciate your tanned skin and make the features of your face more sinuous.


Pink blonde


If you have blond hair and you are looking for a touch of greater sensuality, try showing off a beautiful ombre hair that can use pink as the tone with which to shade your base color. The result will be elegant and modern, and you will get it in visibility and romance.


Pixie cut with two tones


An extraordinary look to be able to bring out your hairstyle in the best way is certainly to show off a great personality by means of a pixie cut that can play on two levels of contrast : the first is that of lengths , with a shaved part (or almost) and a part that is left longer; the second is that of tones, with the part shaved or very short which will have a different color than the larger one (usually the shaved part is left natural , the larger one is colored with different tones).


Platinum blonde


Platinum blonde is one of the hair colors that undergoes the greatest fluctuations of liking according to the passing of the seasons. There are in fact moments of the year in which it seems to be able to give the best of oneself and almost represent a favorite choice by women, and other moments in which instead it seems to be placed in the archive. The season summer could represent his welcome (yet another!) Return, as long as you calibrate well this “limit” tone with your complexion (it is better suited to very light skin).


White gray


Still the white gray ? Yes of course! The fashion of granny hair or gray hair is not yet passed, and it seems to be able to show off all its potential on pixie hair. In short, white and gray are two tones of evident tendency that we advise you to evaluate to reinvigorate your style . And, even if you don’t have hair naturally gray , you can well consider making it more “ash” in order to follow this development which will surely not be long in generating the due satisfactions on your head!


Therefore, take a few minutes of your time to understand what the best short-term restyling opportunities are, and try to understand if it is worth trying to adopt some small or large measures for a new spring look with a great personality.


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