Pink hair, from small craze to great success!

Pink hair, from small craze to great success!

The pink is one of the favorite colors of women. A true symbol of femininity, pink has managed to be increasingly appreciated on the hair of many celebrities and ordinary women who in recent years have focused on this particular color, able to enclose nuances ranging from pastel pink to purple, from fuchsia to pink plus shock! But why should you seriously consider approaching this style?


pink is a color that never goes out of style. A real timeless myth of femininity and seduction, over the years it has known alternate fortunes without never betraying those women who have chosen to dye their hair with this shade.


Rosa millennial pink hair, discovering the coolest trend of the moment!


In this month, if we were to unbalance ourselves in identifying a trend that is rapidly emerging all over the world, we would certainly have no difficulty in indicating in the pink hair millennial pink one of the trend that it might be more convenient to put under the magnifying glass, seen and considered that it is a mode of dyeing one’s hair that uses a wonderful shade of pastel pink , romantic but of great character, in order to lead a greater sense of stylistic appreciation to your look. But why is pink millennial pink hair so irresistible? And could they be good for you too?


A new trend to discover


Like many hair fashions that are rapidly spreading, it is good to remember that also with regard to pink millennial pink hair the trend appeared mainly on the web and, from the net, it ended up involving all the women who have chosen to give greater attention to their hair, trying to translate what they may have seen on the main social networks and, in particular, on Instagram , certainly the social platform most loved by women who continually wink at the ideas of the most innovative hairstyling .


Many restyling opportunities


Pink hair, from small craze to great success!

pink hair bob @shmeggsandbaconn


Moreover, the millennial pink hair is well suited to satisfy any type of hair you want to adopt. Think, for example, of the possibility of using this shade for a beautiful crown of long pink hair, or for a medium bob or for a short bob . Or still think of hairdo with braids and chignon.


Identical customizations you can have with regards to the type of pink to be adopted: therefore go ahead with the proposals with shades of purple and mauve, or for even lighter colors, which better adapt to a beautiful blond.


A choice not for all


As you can imagine, the choice of a shade of pdi pink hair is certainly not able to satisfy the ambitions of all our readers. For example, it could be easier to get pink hair starting from a very light blond, who can easily be able to integrate with a very romantic pink , pastel .


If, however, you prefer to leave with due calm and awareness, our advice is to dye only a strand of pink, or only the ends. In this way the integration with the pink will take place in a very gradual way, and will leave you all the time to understand what the final result will be, once you have embraced it with greater emphasis. tone.



Many pink alternatives!


As intuitive as possible, the rose can be declined in dozens of different variations. And just depending on the chosen variant, the look will become more punk and eccentric or, on the other hand, more casual and casual. You can also show off pink on a nice pixie cut or on a side cut , or on a medium or long bob. As if that were not enough, you can try to show off the pink on the whole hair, or use it as a habit to color a single tuft or a lock of hair.


As far as combinations are concerned, the top can probably be reached with blond, but the opportunities to combine it with gray are certainly not to be underestimated ( gray hair is certainly one of the most rowing for some years now) or with darker colors.


Our choice


Pink hair, from small craze to great success!

bob with pink tuft @


Before leaving you to our brand new gallery with many photos of pink hair all to look at, we want to offer you our choice that can bring women closer to pink. Even if you have never considered being able to switch to pink, this method of gradual approach will be the right way to enter a panorama that will not fail to give you great satisfaction.


So try to get closer to pink by isolating a tuft or – even better – a lock of hair to be dedicated to pink. Next, select a variant of pink that closely matches your base color (for example, pastel pink if you are blonde, dark pink if you are brown, and so on), so that the contrast is reduced .


It’s all about shades


Pink hair, from small craze to great success!

pixie cut rosa @


Pink is not only a simple color, but as we have said, it is a way of being. Since none are identical to the others, each one chooses for himself the nuance that best represents them.


There is hair pastel pink , ideal for the youngest and for those who feel a romantic impetus in the impulse to color, who love fairytale accessories and floral ornaments.


How to create them at home!


The process is not overly complicated, but you will need:



  • Hair clips

  • Pink tint

  • Comb

  • Aluminum paper


Once you have found everything you need, proceed to divide the hair into two bands (high and low) with the help of the comb. Then take the locks you intend to color (extrapolating them from the low end) and carefully divide them from the rest of the hair with the help of a comb. At this point, take a layer of aluminum foil and place the selected lock on top. Now, apply the dye (which you previously prepared in a bowl) and repeat the same operation on the other parts that you intend to color with pink. However, keep in mind that the above application works especially for women who have blonde or very light hair. For women who have dark hair, a discoloration may be necessary, or the result will certainly not be the most appropriate.


So many ways to be able to wear pink



The first thing that jumps to the goals by looking at the photos below, and the many galleries that we have chosen to share with you on pink hair in recent months, is linked to the possibility of being able to benefit from many opportunity!


You can in fact opt ​​for a full color , or for small touches of color only on the tips, or dedicate the pink to little visible strands, thus making the pink a truly discreet tone . Moreover, pink can be chosen with a powder, candy, fluorescent, golden, fuchsia hue, or in other variants being tested, and which could convince you of the validity of a tone that perhaps has always seemed to you enough eccentric to leave it to the “niche” (now, no longer such) of passionate enthusiasts.


An extremely versatile look


Pink hair, from small craze to great success!

short pink hair @


In addition to the above, and in order to encourage you to experiment with particular conviction the rose , also take into due consideration that this tone is extremely versatile, it can be declined in infinite variations, and it can be combined well with any type of complexion (if well graduated!). In addition, it can enhance any type of hairstyle, short, medium or long. A nice business card that should allow you to consider this choice with greater emphasis, appreciating in a truly exceptional way your new pink look!


What if I’m still doubtful?


If you are still doubtful about the actual possibility of being able to adopt pink hair on your head, nothing prevents you from opting for a pink very limited application, for example on some points or on a lock which is not very evident. In this case, pink could be the right habit to show at the occasion, as if it were a test to be able to understand what the final effect is. If you have blond hair, this graft will probably be easier, but nothing prevents you from trying even on much darker hair. Don’t limit your creativity!


Having also remembered the above, we can only have the pleasure of sharing with you all a beautiful series of photographic shots that represent the right basis for evaluation if you are willing to experiment with pink on your hair. Try to take a careful look at all the alternatives that you have the opportunity to admire below, and evaluate together with your hairdresser of greater confidence what is best to do to allow your look to get a truly unprecedented benefit of style and charm!


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