Pixie cut: 25 new photos for a beautiful restyling!

Pixie cut: 25 new photos for a beautiful restyling!

Have you just made the important and positive decision to give us a cut with the past and probably also with your hair look ? Very well: reinvigorating one’s hair is definitely what it takes to get closer to a new phase of the year and allow the hair to “breathe” a new air. But what are the cuts of short hair coolest of the moment? And which ones will be the most trendy during the next autumn season? Let’s try to understand a little more with some style tips and, above all, with many new photos that could brighten your days of “choosing” a new look!


A first mention can only be attributed to pixie cut , fantastic short haircuts that are certainly ideal for women who want to have “little” hair to manage and, therefore, gain in practicality and simplicity of modeling. Over the next few weeks, pixie cuts that will recall the styles of the 70s will be very fashionable. Therefore try to find, within this range, what is right for you: also remember that the tuft and the fringe are two indispensable elements to be able to adequately customize the hairstyle. Play a little with your imagination and, also through them, you will get the best style possible and imaginable! Tomboy cut


Another hair style particularly cool for next autumn (but also for the present!) Is certainly that boyish. It is a particularly sporty hair style, suitable for “rebellious” women and, more generally, for those who wish to give themselves a gritty and youthful air. Again, in order to find the best boyish cut for you, all you have to do is rethink the past decades: the 80s and 90s offered many versions of these cuts, and we are sure that inside you will be well able to identify those that do most for you!


Ultra short headband


Another style of short haircuts that will establish itself (and reaffirm itself) in the coming weeks is represented by the ultra-short bob, to be proposed in a modern key even if – as can be understood – drawing on previous versions already widely tested . The short helmet can therefore be well worn with a very short minimal fringe, side line, light waves, possible wet effect. You will get a hyper seductive and hyper fresh hair style, to be used on any occasion, from leisure to office life.


At this point, we can only recommend a careful consultation of the following lines. In fact, we have selected for you a very large series of photographic shots that will serve as an inspiration for you to evaluate a new restyling in view of the height of the summer season and, even more, for the subsequent autumn season. Try to understand if the cuts below could be good for your feelings of hairstyle and, above all, share with your hairdresser the opportunity to customize them in the most suitable and dedicated way possible, enriching the look with sober and delicious accessories, which they will stimulate your romance and your femininity.



















































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