Pixie cut, 30 variants for spring summer 2017

Pixie cut, 30 variants for spring summer 2017

The pixie cut – were you in doubt? – it is one of the short haircuts most fashionable for spring summer 2017 and, in order to have the right awareness, you will certainly not have difficulty: it is in fact sufficient not only to look at the many galleries and the many insights that we and other industry sites we have dedicated to the topic, but have a look at what is happening in the streets of your city, where you will find more and more women who love this type of hairstyle. In short, a haircut with many variations, to be modeled on the basis of the shape of your face. But how?


Super cool cut!


The pixie cut , as we have already mentioned, is undoubtedly one of the coolest haircuts of summer 2017. We can in fact count it together with the bowl cut (or cut to bowl) among the most current trends in short and very short hair. And, as we have reminded you several times, you will certainly not have much difficulty in making it yours: from the most scaled cut to the one with the fringe, from the choppy or more bon ton, in any case the pixie cut will certainly be able to give style and character to your look, and make the most of your features.


Be careful, of course, not to underestimate the importance of personalizing the look based on your face. A few examples? The ideal pixie cut for a pretty round face is certainly the one with a side and asymmetrical forelock…


So many choices for you!


More generally, spring summer 2017 seems to be the ideal time to show off the greater creativity in this matter. From yoke to short, symmetrical or more scaled helmets, to very short style cuts boyish , bowl cut and, therefore, pixie cut, you will certainly be spoiled for choice for to be able to identify your look, to which to take on the soul you prefer: from the most chic to the most gritty and rock, everything will depend on you!


Long pixie cut


An alternative choice may be represented by the long pixie , a short helmet that focuses entirely on the asymmetry between the rear, which will be shorter, and the front one, where instead you will see a nice tuft appear proudly, or a long, full or parade fringe. In any case, the important thing is to try to break the balance to create … new ones, able to appreciate the haircut in a unique and unmistakable way.


Pixie cut, 30 variants for spring summer 2017


We also believe that the long pixie is especially indicated for those women who have a round, angular or particularly elongated face: in all these cases, in fact, the use of asymmetry and scaling will help you restore the right proportions and to give greater harmony to your face. The rather important side tufts are also perfect, which will help you hide defects and imperfections, instead enhancing the other strengths of your face!


In fact, as the best hairdressers will certainly be able to advise you, the first rule we recommend you follow if you have a beautiful round face is to avoid accentuating roundness with clean lines and full volumes. Also avoid side stripes, full and symmetrical bangs and curly pixie cuts.


Photos to look at!


Finally, we conclude our focus by offering you a new and very interesting gallery with 30+ pixie cuts to show off with particular conviction in the coming months. We therefore advise you to look carefully and share the following models with your friends, and try to understand whether or not they are right for you. Make a commitment to personalize them with your reference hairstylist and do not forget to let us know what you have chosen to wear for the next beautiful season and beyond!


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