Pixie cut for your romantic tastes!

Pixie cut for your romantic tastes!

Ok, about pixie cut we have talked about it on hundreds of different occasions, even in the recent past. But we are more than sure that your thirst to know a little more about this fantastic look is certainly not exhausted, and therefore that a new photogallery, and some new anticipation on the trends for 2017 , it won’t hurt much!


Appreciated by many celebrities around the world, the pixie cut is not really just one style. It is in fact a way of understanding hair that can boast hundreds of different versions, more or less symmetrical, cheeky, sober, geometric, rigorous, soft, and so on. The important thing is to choose the right pixie cut for your tastes and visual characteristics, aiming for the most proportionate and appropriate volumes for your face.


But why all these cautions? It is always worth remembering – and even more in this moment of possible stylistic revolutions! – that the pixie cut is a cut that can fully highlight the qualities of your face, but which with identical mercilessness, will be able to enhance its potential defects. So, be very careful when choosing to cut us (in all senses!): Put great caution, and always think about what the final result could be, perhaps relying on the advice of an expert hairdresser.


Also always remember that one of the most ideal ways to be able to keep the pixie cut ideally pleasant is to renew and revise it at least once every 30-40 days, in order to maintain the original geometries. Finally, as regards the determinants that can guide your choice, we point out how the shape of the face must be an element to be taken into account in identifying the best pixie cut for your tastes. The fact that it is a short cut must not in fact suggest that there are no useful precautions to be able to improve and positively develop one’s impression of style.


Instinctively, the pixie cut can be traced back to summer: in the summer, with the oppressive heat, there is often the need to give us a cut and wear a fresher and more versatile style, which can also be achieved and cared for with little effort. However, woe to relegate the pixie cut as a simple cheeky cut to show off in the summer: the pixie cut has a very respectable credibility, and we are sure that all seasons will be the most useful moment to turn, and finally wear a cut like this delicious and preferred by many stars.


But why choose the pixie cut as your new autumn cut?


The answers could be many, but we just remember how the pixie is a cut really able to demonstrate your strength and personality, emphasizing the desire to change. Of course, the above should not overshadow the fact that not all women can wear “any” pixie cut . In particular, in case you have a round face, with fairly regular features, the pixie cut should be set in order to reveal the nape and enhance the lines of the chin. Contrary to the above, if you have a square face and pointed chin, we advise you to opt for a longer length, which can reach the neck. The styling must also be pretended to be disheveled, thus being able to give an aura of lightness to the whole.


As for color, one of the most visible trends for the next season is the so-called “Grown out blonde”: it is a color we will talk about for a long time over the next few weeks (after the era of marsala and bronze, it seems to us that candidate to be the priority choice of many women!), and which is based on a dark background and a series of shades of blond that can give a nice movement of colors to your look.


For example, if you have a particularly elongated face, the cut should not be too close to your head: on the other hand, it should be left freer and more casual on the sides and on the neck, in order to fill the “you want” that they can be left at the bottom. If instead the face is square, the tuft should be left voluminous, with features drawn thanks to the side locks. On the other hand, if the face is round, the cut must be short on the side, and with greater volume on the upper part.


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