Pixie cut, here are the coolest cuts in the coming weeks!

Pixie cut, here are the coolest cuts in the coming weeks!

The pixie cut are one of the most seductive and feminine hair styles that you can experience during 2019. And, on closer inspection, such a statement some time ago would not be It has been possible: although the pixie have always exerted a unique charm of their kind, it is also true that only in recent years have they been fully discovered (and rediscovered), guaranteeing all women who have been able to manage them adequately. right success and the right added values: casual, romantic and versatile, are what it takes to be able to give yourself a new look for next spring!


The password is: seduce!


The pixie cut oriented in a more modern key are powerful weapons of seduction. Pixies can in fact adequately enhance the contours of your face, enhancing their perfection and sinuous lines. They can also give you a more youthful and cheeky look and, at the same time, a greater personality: they are in fact ideal to be able to deal with your idea of ​​ romance and femininity, and for this reason they can give you a new value and a new proposition in the eyes of others. In short, a real pass of style , for young and old women!


A very versatile cut


In addition to the benefits we have briefly summarized above, note how short haircuts outlined as pixie cuts are extremely versatile styles. Day after day you could in fact choose to comb them more soberly and orderly, or more messy and disheveled. In any case, you will be able to arrange your hair properly in a few moments and with few or no products to use. So forget the hours spent in front of the mirror, in the strenuous search for a hairstyle that can really convince yourself of your look !


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In the following lines, we are pleased to offer you some really seductive style assumptions regarding the pixie cut. As we often remember, what you need to do is simply try to look at them with due attention and understand if inside the gallery there is also some idea that could be right for you. In the event of an affirmative answer, show the desired look to the hairdresser and discuss with him about the possibility of making it on you, and what changes to make. Subsequently, you just have to show us the result!

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