Platinum blonde Angelina Jolie is unrecognizable

Platinum blonde Angelina Jolie is unrecognizable

Angelina Jolie changed her look . The actress never backs down to script needs and has revolutionized her hair chocolate brown for a decidedly different look: very blonde hair. We had already seen her with light hair at the time of Interrupted Girls , a 1999 film, in which the Jolie sported a paro cut and a deliberately scruffy and somewhat look ‘ grunge . Today it’s all about something else, let’s discover this header together!


Angelina Jolie is blonde


In these weeks Angelina Jolie is engaged on a set, precisely that of Eternals by Chloé Zhao and has been paparazzi with her new super blond hair specially adopted for the role of Thena.


The news of his new color comes in passing from a shot stolen directly from the set; the Jolie appears half immersed in water and in the background a wonderful tropical forest appears. Platinum blonde hair falls on the shoulders of the actress in soft waves and a side tuft; a really different look than usual, no doubt about it. It is still unknown whether Angelina has adopted this aspect permanently or is instead merely a stage wig, however Cristiano Filippini – expert on hairstyle [19459007 ] – has sentenced: Angelina Jolie is divine .


The words of the expert


Cristiano has thus judged the new look of the American actress “I believe that Jolie is divinely with this blonde tip. It is an ice blonde that looks almost white and that is very good for women with green eyes like those of the actress. The fact that the blond starts one centimeter from the regrowth gives a depth to the color and in my opinion makes it even more beautiful “.


So we also ask ourselves what the right precautions could be if we wanted to try such a blonde on our heads:


“The first distinction to be made is between colored hair and natural hair. If you are used to coloring your hair with dark tones, the path will be a little more complicated. In fact, the use of the bleach becomes mandatory. It is also appropriate that the hairdresser uses toners to neutralize the unwanted reflex. If the hair is natural and already light, the path will be shorter and healthier. Therefore, maximum alert on the use of the bleach and post-coloring care. The maintenance of a color of this type is in fact fundamental ”.


We know that icy white is one of the trends of this autumn / winter; who knows if now that even Jolie has converted this color will undergo a surge of appreciation!

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