Platinum blonde, color not to be underestimated for the summer!

Platinum blonde, color not to be underestimated for the summer!

Maybe he won’t have the same luck he had two years ago, or a year ago. Still, woe to underestimate the appeal that platinum blonde could reserve in the imminent summer, when this shade could be preferred by many women who see this flashy and flashy color as their style solution. But which hairstyles and cuts does platinum blonde suit most?


In principle, platinum blonde seems to adapt quite well to both short hair (even very short pixies) and long hair. And whether it is straight cuts or with waves, lively or very rich, platinum blonde is a guarantee of success. However, be careful to treat blonde hair with special products: if it is indeed true that this color can give great satisfaction to women who decide to give it the right trust, it is also true that it is a tone which needs good attention, especially during the regrowth phase.


In addition to the above, remember that platinum blonde is a color that needs a strong personality, and that not all women feel comfortable with such an “extreme” tone.


Having said that, the usual rule for being able to approach with confidence and success to platinum blonde can only begin by sharing your intentions with your trusted hairdresser, going to collect from him (or from her) the best impressions on shades and on the most suitable hairstyles to express the color.


It is probable that the hairstylist will be able to provide you with useful indications, possibly offering you good alternatives: platinum blonde is not in fact a color suitable for all women, and sometimes a small variation on the theme is sufficient to be able to arrive anyway to extremely welcome results.

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