Proposals for your new pixie cut with shaving!

Proposals for your new pixie cut with shaving!

Are you trying to find some new source of inspiration for your pixie hair with shaving ? You are absolutely in the right place, seen and considered that in the preceding lines we have identified and wanted to share well with you 40 pixie cut with a part of the shaved head. A choice that will probably serve to convince a good part of you of how feminine and seductive these styles of hair hair are, and which will probably have a way to enrich and expand the range of potential alternatives that you could consider in the coming days, in order to get closer to next spring 2017!


A very trendy choice


As is evident by taking a look at what is happening on the streets of your city, the pixie cuts are one of the greatest trends of recent times. And it is no coincidence that many celebrities have chosen these alternatives in order to give their look a touch of additional personality that will not fail to amaze you, and to amaze all the people around you! If you then add to the trend of pixie hair that of shaving only one part of the hair, playing adequately on contrasts, you will certainly be able to give you inimitable results!


How to handle pixie hair with shaving


Pixie hair with shaving can be handled with particular ease, perhaps by playing with some nice color contrast: you can make the shaved part lighter or darker, giving this hairstyle an even more pronounced value , and can favorably emphasize a more dynamic movement throughout the garment. Keep in mind that it is true that blond hair can be the top for pixie hair with shaving, but that nothing prevents you from being able to adopt this kind of look even with the most dark, or – if you want to dare a little more – with the pink , the gray or the natural hair color, whatever it is.

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