Protect your hair at the sea, that's why it's essential

Protect your hair at the sea, that's why it's essential

Summer is the time for swimming, diving, prolonged exposure to the sun. But also of the evenings in the open air or by the sea, and much more. A “good life” which, however, is also a source of serious stress for the hair, which at the end of these fatigue sessions can appear dull or distorted. Hence the need to protect them, in order to avoid deteriorations which, in addition to generating particularly unwelcome aesthetic effects, can lead to serious substantial defects.


The range of products useful for protecting the hair is also very wide, considering that it includes sunscreen for the skin, sprays, creams and much more, rich in active restructuring systems, and almost obligatory for all women who have a habit of dyeing their hair.


Beyond the products you are going to use to protect your hair, it should be remembered that chlorine water should not be left on the hair, considering that chlorine tends to stick to the hair proteins that are damaged. The most effective solution? Protect the hair with a latex cap, and rinse the hair after each bath with “fresh” water.


When you return home, wash your hair with shampoo that has a mild cleansing and moisturizing base, which can treat the hair after long exposure to UV rays. The hairdressers advise – where possible – to use a little shampoo, passing a nut from the palm of the hand to the rest of the hair, with large whirl movements on the already wet head. The fingertips must massage the skin, so that the product can penetrate into greater depth.

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