Pumpkin spice hair, discovering the new trendy red!

Pumpkin spice hair, discovering the new trendy red!

Have you ever heard of pumpkin spice hair ? Unless you’re passionate about hair fashion , probably the answer is negative. In Italy, in Italy, this hair color is in fact still little known and not widespread but … we are sure that it will soon know to recover the lost ground towards the main competitors , establishing itself as one of the most palatable alternatives for all women who are looking for a fantastic hair color ! But what is pumpkin spice hair ? And why might it be worth it not to lose sight of it?


What is pumpkin spice hair


The pumpkin spice hair is a particularly popular red color in recent weeks. In concrete terms, it is a particular mix between pumpkin and spicy, but it also has the ability to remember other elements that can be found in nature, such as the autumn leaves that are about to detach from the trees.


The aesthetic result is phenomenal: it is a warm and vibrant nuance , which can enhance the lighter skin but can make it particularly harmonious also towards the complexions olive and Mediterranean .


In short, a shaded red, which appears darker on the base and lighter on the tips, which takes up the trend of creamy blonde and of burgundy , accompanying these hair color trends as pleasant alternatives. The lengths will instead propose copper, blond and Titian reflections .


Who is pumpkin spice hair good for?


The pumpkin spice hair is able to adapt to all hair tone heights, as we have briefly mentioned in the previous lines. It is therefore a good choice for those women who already have blond golden, copper or natural red reflections, and who could get to to obtain a spice effect simply by intensifying the reflection.


However, this color can adapt very well to even the darkest shades. In this case the secret seems to be that of preserving the natural base , intervening only on the lengths with the coolest and most effective techniques of the moment , such as the balayage [ 19459003] , lo shatush , other types of lightening, and so on. In the end, a toning with more intense and warmer nuances, such as copper and red, closer to the natural base, will be appropriate.


The use of balayge and other modern techniques is certainly not accidental. These styles are in fact excellent for creating effects pumpkin spice even on your hair, allowing you to adequately customize the color to be obtained. The secret is in the fact that these techniques allow you to effectively hit strategic points through natural lightening, creating very pleasant effects, comparable to those that could be created by the sun or sea water.


Finally, we remember how – although the pumpkin spice can give its best especially on long haircuts, since on these extensions it is possible to bring out all its nuances – this effect can also adapt on cuts short and medium, perhaps focusing on a more aggressive total coloring effect.


In the margins of the above we have summarized, we can only leave you with a beautiful gallery that will show you dozens of new results obtained by applying the effect pumpkin spice on the crown . Try to take a look at these alternatives and understand if they can actually be right for you, or better direct your attention elsewhere instead. Then talk to a good hairdresser who can advise you on what to do, and don’t forget to share your style reflections with us and with all our readers and readers!


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