Purple hair, are you considering a change of style?

Purple hair, are you considering a change of style?

Have you ever thought of dyeing your hair with purple? Probably not, but if you are among that niche of the female population that loves particularly “eccentric” colors compared to the more ordinary ones, you have certainly already had the opportunity to carry out a potential evaluation of the revision of your style.


If, on the other hand, you have not made any observations in this regard, our photogallery will probably be an ideal source of inspiration, demonstrating that the purple hair today are no longer as extraordinarily innovative as they used to be, but they can well be a way to properly style your hairlook. But how do you do it? And what steps to take?


Let’s start by remembering that the purple color is a color rather sensual since it can recall the “metamorphosis”. It is therefore a typical color of those who want to go through a period of transition, of change. And it is also a beautiful color to associate with mystery and magic. A color with a very strong seductive power, which is often also associated with fantasy and creativity. Therefore, a fantastic color for all those people who want to be able to affirm their personality, in line with current trends, which now aim to reward pastel colors, even on simple locks.


However, although purple hair today is no longer as extravagant as it used to be, it is equally true that it still represents a rather eccentric shade . So, try to mediate between the temptation to belong to that growing niche that dyes its hair in purple, in all possible shades, and the need to try to respect the canons of greater sobriety, especially if you do a job that could look to bad eye your eccentricity. Anyway, don’t worry: from lilac to the most intense purple, the shades are so wide that they don’t endanger the possibility of finding the right color for you.


On the other hand, to testify to the fact that purple hair is certainly in the process of increasing diffusion are the many photos that have been posted on social networks in recent months, and which underline how purple hair and hairstyles today are not more belonging to a small circle, but they are a growing novelty. We therefore leave you with our today’s photogallery, which will allow you to touch with your hand some ways to be able to style your hair in a more delicious and appreciable way, using the viola as a fundamental added value of beauty!

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