Purple nails, a top nail polish for the next season!

Purple nails, a top nail polish for the next season!

Do you love nail art ? If the answer is positive, some small advice on the nail polish is likely to be what it takes. In particular, today we had the idea of ​​treating enamel violet with a little attention, one of the most “in” shades for the next autumn and winter seasons, and certainly one of the alternatives that we advise you to consider with the greatest attention, and with which you will manage to feel at ease in a clearer and faster way. But why is it worth considering purple nails? And how best to arrange the purple nail polish on short and long nails?


Short nails


Let’s start with short nails, certainly more common in women. Well, the enamel violet is certainly a color that can match very well with this condition. It will be sufficient to spread it in a lucid way to be able to give an extra touch to one’s manicure, and make one’s fingers extraordinarily seductive. The choice is yours whether to close the nails with a square or slightly oval shape.


As for the shade of purple to choose from, much will depend on your tastes: on the market you will easily find excellent glazes marc, plum, lilac, light violet or dark and tending to black. In our opinion, the darker tones are better than the light ones, naturally on carefully cleaned and tidy nails.


Long nails


Let’s now deal briefly with the purple nail polish for long nails . In this case, it is worth remembering that it is probably better to abandon the idea of ​​adopting a homogeneous shade, in favor of some white or pink decoration that can make your nail more showy (thanks to these chromatic contrasts) and more in line with contemporary fashions. As for the finish, the choice between a velvety touch or not can guarantee you an additional element of personalization that we are sure you will manage in the best way.




As for the pairings, remember that the color opposite to purple is yellow. However, there are also other colors that you will be able to combine with due skill, such as red or white. Finally, violet has the ability to enhance almost any shade: try to talk about it with an expert beautician, and find with her the best solution to be able to appreciate your manicure and make it the best business card for the months to come.


Purple nails, the health of your hands


You are surely aware that health can also be read from the nails. It is no coincidence that very often we use nail polishes to hide some of their imperfections! A healthy nail must be pink in color, be smooth and uniform. When they change color or shape, it means that something is changing in our body, often it is a question of wrong habits to solve.


The purple nails indicate that there may be cardiovascular problems . Poor circulation in fact causes the fabrics to turn blue. The nails are immediately under our eyes and give us the first alarm bell.


Why choose the purple color?


Purple is a very interesting color because it highlights the hands in a completely unique way. It is the symbol of empathy , of the ability to identify with others. Highlight emotionality, romance, attitude to mystery and what is not purely physical.


It symbolizes your desire to forge a true bond with someone, even from a physical point of view. By choosing to dye your nails purple, whether or not you want to send more careful people this message.


Use it some you want to exploit all your weapons of seduction. It is the symbol of desire, pleasure and strong emotion. You are probably women with a strong artistic streak. On the contrary, the color purple does not like those who tend to be very critical of everything and everyone. It symbolizes the union of body, mind and spirit.


How to wear purple nail polish?


Lo purple nail polish lends itself very well to a simple hands-care, to the reconstruction in gel or to create nail art finishes. You can wear it for example when you have to participate in some social event, or if you need to adopt a very elegant style.


There are many varieties of violets. We start from the dark one , very similar to black, up to lilac, eggplant and wisteria. You have to choose the shade that best suits your personality. You can also use the various shades for example to create a real work of art on your hands, through nail-art. It is recommended if you want to adopt an elegant style, but also if you choose dark clothes. It is perfect when the clothes have some lace detail. Connect it to some simple purple accessories, such as earrings, a pendant or an eye shadow.

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