Rainbow-inspired Beauty Inspiration: Colorful Hair

We have a very colorful idea for those who feel the energy of summer and cannot stand still and want to carry this energy to their hair. This year’s fashion colorful hair.

We recommend that you try with semi-permanent or temporary dyes, as vivid and colorful hair is ambitious and demanding. And you can prevent your hair from wearing out with semi-permanent dyes that you will apply on your natural hair color without opening your hair. You can make the desired change without paying high amounts at the hairdresser with these products such as shampoo, which are frequently applied during washing your hair in the bathroom.

Jamaican Jeans Color semi-permanent hair dyes


Ammonia-free, water-based semi-permanent Jamaican Jeans Color semi-permanent hair dyes provide effortless access to vibrant colors such as pink, blue, green and purple. It is a popular brand in colored hair dye, with a diverse range of colors that force imagination, such as pomegranate peel, pepper red, emerald green, sea blue, cyclemen and orchid purple. The lighter your hair color is, the closer you get to the color you choose. If you have dark hair, you may need to have your hair opened for some shades before. You can try on light colored hair to protect your hair from the harmful effects of openers. You can dye your hair completely with semi-permanent dyes, apply locally only to the tips or make colors appear in the form of bales.

Jamaican Since the semi-permanent hair dyes are water-based, it does not cause much loss of tone when you wash your hair, and the color will remain longer in your hair when using color protecting shampoo. It can be applied to dry or damp hair. It is recommended to use gloves during application. Or when you apply an oily cream, you can see that it is easily purified from your hands. Likewise, applying oily cream on the nape, forehead and around the ears makes it easy to remove the paint from the contaminated areas.


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