Red hair: cuts and hairstyles for 2019

Red hair: cuts and hairstyles for 2019

Whether it’s fire-colored red hair , or copper or mahogany color, red hair emphasizes the seductive character of the woman who wears it.


There are many shades of red, temporary or even permanent, and they range from always passionate to fiery red to blond with coppery nuances.


Which color to choose depends on your personal style, the cut of your hair and also on the color of the skin.


Red hair, what a fear of making a mistake!


Do you have a tremendous desire to try red for your hair but are you afraid of making a mistake in coloring?


Of course, despite being extremely attractive red hair and being the dream of many girls who want to add a nice touch of seduction to their look, it should also be underlined that red is not a color to be chosen superficially.


The shades of this color are so many and each woman gives differently according to the general characteristics and in particular from the face of the girl who chooses to dye her hair in this color.


So our advice is: choose the shade of red very carefully, paying attention to a series of details, and, mainly, which shade fits best with the color of your skin and your colors in general.


Do a test to find out if the color is right for you. Like?


Try using non-permanent dyes (therefore without oxygen and without ammonia): if the color is not to your liking within a few weeks you will return to your natural colors without going to add dye on dye, what which would wear out your hair too much.


From bright red to red with shades of blond


Don’t be fooled by the photos of influencers with perfect red colors. We must always remember that not everything he gives to a person must necessarily give to all of us.


As an alternative to bright red, opt for a blond with copper shades, very beautiful and also very easy to obtain. We choose one of the blonde bases that best suits us and then we go to apply a beautiful henna pack with a red color.


If then you have a beautiful complexion with very light shades we recommend a shade close to copper red or, also, to brown with coppery shades: they are shades of red with the characteristic of naturalness and the value of giving sophistication and an ethereal aura to the appearance.


Those who have brown hair can opt, instead, for a red with the shade of mahogany wood , with warm and intense characteristics that are practically good on all of them.


Of particular intensity and sensuality is the shade Titian red , one of the most intensely vibrant shades, in need of assiduous attention but among the most loved by any breeder of scarlet hair.


Some tips for perfect red hair


So have a fair consideration of the shades of color of your skin and, more generally, of the style that distinguishes you.


These rules are always present by the good hair stylist: imagine, for example, a light shade of red or a blonde with coppery nuances on the crown of a woman with olive skin or, in any case, dark: museum stuff for horrors!


Or even a coloring with mahogany reflections with intense purple hues on a nice pale face? Sacrilege!


We never forget that the coloring of our hair has a significant influence on the look of our person, so a bright red shade will be fine if we intend to give ourselves an aggressive and strong appearance, the shades of the mahogany will be perfect if we want to give vitality to the our brown hair, while blonde hair with copper shades will be ideal for a sophisticated look.


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How to match the color red with the color of the skin!


If we know how to match the color of our hair with the color of our skin, we have already completed half the work . We will have given value and harmony to our look.


The complexion with light shades perfectly matches the brown coloring of the hair with some nice red shades , but also the coppery blond hair could be fine.


In short, we can say without fear of being proven wrong that red hair is a scream on fair complexions. Those who, on the other hand, have a more “Mediterranean” complexion, are oriented towards darker shades of red or more intense mahogany.


A red that suits everyone? Titian red : we are only careful to opt for shades of different intensity depending on the “clarity” of one’s skin.


Red hair: how to cure it


The red hair is infinitely beautiful, but in order to make it always bright and vibrant it needs abundant and frequent care.


It must always be treated with special products, therefore both shampoos and conditioners must be those suitable for colored or henna-treated hair, so that the reflection is kept alive and the color remains intense as long as possible.


Let’s not forget the moisturizing pack and nourishing mask to contribute to the health of the hair and its brightness and color intensity.


For the rehydration of the hair, the specific mask can be purchased but you can also resort to a homemade compress with olive or almond oil inside, but also yogurt or honey.


The shine of the hair, however, is preserved with frequent cold rinses based on infusions of sandalwood (the red one) or apple vinegar.


Follow these directions and you will find out how long-lasting the vividness and intensity of your new red hair color can be!


And now let’s move on to the examples, and the images from which you have to draw your new look with red hair.


The triumph of red


It’s easy to say “ red hair “! In reality, however, what is commonly called “red” is a set of very different shades. And finding the right one for your face and hair may not be as simple as you can imagine!


One thing however seems to be quite certain. The 2019 hair trends have decreed the triumph of red, in all its facets, with a prevailing trend for the warmest and flamboyant reflections, which will certainly be able to revive the hair in all shades of this fantastic color.


Precisely for this reason we offer you a very long photogallery with 100 red hair looks.


A truly enviable gallery, which we advise you to browse and leaf through avidly, considering that it is a useful starting point to revive your look, and make it even more successful (and convincing!).


You can opt for less warm shades of red. These are cold shades , which come close to brown, and which can really be ideal for trying to combine the hair with a clear complexion and with blue or green eyes.


If you want to try something warmer , for example, you can opt for a beautiful copper color. Generally the copper tone is achieved by creating special reflections on a colder hair, thus trying to enhance the tufts and exposures to particular lighting conditions.


It is a color that is very close to the desires of those who have a very light complexion, and want – precisely through this shade – to highlight their beauty.


Women who want to be more flashy and spirited can instead opt for a fire tone.


In this case, the cold colors and shades that we have had the opportunity to experiment with alternate fortunes in the last hypotheses, to embrace a more fiery look, definitely move away.


Excellent for women who have a light complexion, and for those who have not too crystalline colors.


The tone Titian red is also highly recommended. In this case we are talking about a fairly warm complexion, less aggressive than the fire color, but always rather flashy, with clear references to the darker shades of orange.


It could be an idea to combine the basic color with more or less dark reflections and tufts, thus making your look more and more lively and effective!


By continuing to browse the photogallery you will also encounter another shade that could be the most popular: the carrot color.


It is a very light color, which could also suit women with brown and dark eyes. Also in this case, however, we recommend pairing with a complexion that is basically very clear!


From the fire color we can also change to a flaming color, even more incisive.


Our style advice is to combine it with a lively and moving hair : in this case you will certainly be able to show an explosive look, particularly personal and customizable. Excellent if combined with very light complexions, and with crystalline colors in the eyes (light blue, green).


Continuing to browse the photogallery, you will certainly encounter mahogany red , one of the shades we prefer! Even hair with mahogany reflections can well adapt to people who are approaching red hair for the first time, starting from much darker shades. It is a particularly elegant look , to show off alternately with wavy or straight hair. The effect will be assured!


Of course, we leave it up to you to choose the color that best suits your needs. For example, you will find excellent bright red hair, which we recommend to combine with very smooth or slightly lively hair, or the dynamic Irish red, which you will take care of and customize with the right reflections, and which seems to be able to give its best on light skin tones and green eyes.


From more or less sophisticated shades, passing through the simpler ones, you will realize that in reality the “red” hides a particularly varied world, which you will be able to customize according to your preferences and your characteristics of style and fashion.


So what to do? The first step is certainly to browse the photogallery that we have presented to you. Try to understand if that particular color is actually right for you, and if that shade can match correctly with the color of your complexion and your eyes.


Having done this, go to your hairdresser with all the confidence you have, and talk about it openly. It is likely that the hairdresser – in addition to providing you with professional advice – can also try to tickle your curiosity by offering you alternative looks, which you may not even have had the opportunity to evaluate.


Red hair, to be treated with care


If you have just decided to switch to red hair, you are probably wondering how long your hue will last.


Unfortunately it must be remembered that once the tint has been made, the red color will be extremely sensitive, and with each wash it will tend, inexorably and gradually, to fade and deteriorate.


In short, try to ask your friends who already have red hair: with each wash and with each prolonged exposure, the colors will gradually fade, due to the pheomelanin of which the hair is composed, which will degrade much faster in the presence of ultra violet rays.


Therefore, red hair will require special treatments, and the usual programs for hair care will therefore not be sufficient.


To keep the red color particularly bright , you will have to work a little harder. But how do you do it?


The councils in this regard are numerous. We can for example remember the great caution that you should put in the periods following the dyeing of red hair. For at least two weeks it would be advisable to avoid swimming, and especially those in the pool: the chlorine contained in the water could in fact harm the color red.


Secondly, it is good to share with your trusted hairdresser the opportunity to do some healthy shopping for suitable products for your red hair .


Unfortunately, a little criticism must be made in this area: although there are dozens of products suitable for brown and blonde hair on the market, it is rather difficult to find products specifically for red hair.


Despite this, you can still obtain satisfactory results by using general hair care products: share this impression with your hairdresser, and get advice on the product that suits you best. The important thing is that the product is not aggressive, but that it is – on the other hand – capable of providing important quantities of protective and nourishing agents, such as antioxidants.


In this context, a natural product particularly suitable for red hair is l ‘henna . It is a natural tint, the results of which are really very interesting if you are trying to understand how to increase the brilliance of your color: try it to believe it!


Finally we come to the latest style tips. First of all, as soon as you notice that your red color is fading, try to evaluate together with an expert professional the possibility of reviving it with a specific product, which is suitable for your gradation. In this way, and with very advantageous economic conditions compared to the final result, you will be able to maintain the color brilliance much longer than usual.


Finally, ask for a specific treatment that can help you keep active the red pigments and, therefore, to preserve the brightness of your color . These are products that can go deeper into the hair structure, allowing the previously mentioned pigments to produce their effects longer.


Red hair, will they really look good on our face?


Red hair: cuts and hairstyles for 2019


The red color – in all its nuances – represents a color of enviable appeal, but difficult to wear by all women. Often, it turns out that choosing a red isn’t exactly the best only after you’ve already applied the tint.


If on the sidelines of this introduction you are discouraged, do not worry: we are here to try to come to the rescue of the main questions about red hair color. Explaining, for example, that red hair is not always suitable for those with very fair complexion skin, who instead should quickly move away from the temptation to adopt copper, mahogany or other shades of red.


Better, for porcelain-colored leathers, to play on shades in order to give light to one’s hair, and avoid a dull and opaque effect that would run the risk of flattening the whole figure.


Those who have well-amber skin can opt for a warm natural red, marrying copper or bronze reflections (or, why not, rust). If your base is brown, it will be fine to lighten the hair with a caramel color, which also in 2019 should give ample satisfaction to those who choose red.


Finally, a quick mention of the many Mediterranean women who read our site, and who have an olive complexion. The olive complexion often combines with dark brown natural hair, and therefore it would be advisable to try to avoid reddish shades, instead proceeding to adopt strong shades such as Titian red, another of the must-haves of this season.


Red hair: cuts and hairstyles for 2019

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Red hair: a rare natural fortune that … does not betray!


Red hair: cuts and hairstyles for 2019

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According to some of the most recent research, people who are born with natural red hair are a very small part , probably less than 2 percent of the world’s population, however concentrated mainly in some territorial areas .


And it is precisely for this reason that initiatives have been launched for some time to preserve the presence of red hair, with a gene now in the process of “extinction”.


So how can you best show off this enviable natural hair during the summer season?


Finding the “right” shade


Whether you have a natural shade of red hair, or whether you have to get to this color by “artificial” ways, we know that identifying the nuance that can best enhance your beauty is a real and own company.


Considering that the risk of finding a very unwelcome tone on your hair is really around the corner, what we advise you to do is certainly start from a less “risky” tone, and then gradually move towards something more “extreme” , until you find what is right for you.


For example, you can start this migration from copper and, for the brunette, from mahogany red, a warm and intense tone that will give a greater level of seduction to all of you.


Red hair: cuts and hairstyles for 2019

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Dark red hair for your long winter hair!


Do you like red hair but don’t want to disturb your natural color excessively “ dark “? Hold fast!


For the winter and autumn – colder – the red hair shades to choose from is the dark red . The best alternative to Titian red hair, red blond, cherry red, strawberry red, plum red , natural red and much more.


In short, if you want to know a little more about the possibility of enriching your dark hair with a nice red typically winter, keep reading here, and then take a look at the gallery below 20 shots ready for you!


A trend that does not disappoint


The dark red is a trend that will certainly not disappoint your expectations. It is in fact a trend that will manage to warm up your hair and light it up gently, without however generating excessive contrasts with respect to your natural color.


It will be able to give you strong sensations without leaving the tones of sobriety, while satisfying your personality with sure quality. Already seen on the catwalks of hair fashion more in the moment, carried with enthusiasm by actresses and singers, we believe that this red tone can also be for you.


Full red and very fashionable


All the major hairstylists in the world remember how the red has been back in fashion for some time. More and more women who, day after day, seek and ask for warmer colors and personality than in the past, even if few women then show off a bright red and great liveliness.


If you too belong to this category of daring, you can point straight towards a dark red, well combined with a beautiful black or brown: the shades will be visible but not in excessive contrast, giving you a ‘ high impact image.


A choice that will last over time


It is always the main hairstylists from all over the world who say that red will be the color that will predominate for a long time yet: the nuances that you will see in our today’s photogallery will certainly be able to reflect not only one an important part of your personality, as well as what can be considered one of the greatest trends of the moment.


Also take a look at the red-purple hues that you will find shortly: they represent a look that will allow you to get the most out of your charm !


Enviable styles not to be missed!


The red hair is an enviable added value for all women who want to express – also through them – an enviable passion.


Whether it is a mahogany shade, or a beautiful coppery nuance, red hair can well highlight the seductive character of the person who wears it, becoming an important presentation ticket, and not just in terms of hair fashion. Precisely for this reason we often have the pleasure of dealing with red hair. And for these reasons also today we have the pleasure of delighting you with a beautiful and new photo gallery.


As is evident (also) from the above photogallery, there are many shades of selectable dyes. The “trick” to be able to reach a final result worthy of this name is to know how to match the right hair coloring with the natural color of one’s skin.


In this way you will be able to give appropriate synergy and harmony to the whole, avoiding unnecessary contrasts that would – as a final goal – give a bad impression of your style.


For example, if you have a beautiful fair or very light complexion , you can effortlessly proceed with the combination of a brown color with red shades, a coppery blond or other solutions that can enhance your fair complexion.


You can instead opt for darker shades in the hypothesis of complexions tending to olive, or more Mediterranean.


Also remember that although the red hair is an element of unquestionable charm, it must be constantly enriched and nourished, so that the acquired shine and splendor do not get lost gradually and quickly.


You can therefore proceed to adequately treat the red hair with special shampoos and conditioners, which can allow the color to remain intense and lively for as long as possible. A nice henna treatment, or a nourishing and moisturizing compress with other natural substances, can certainly come to your rescue.


Red hair, some tips for choosing the right shade


Choosing ex ante the best dye of red for your hair is often a difficult task. So, you can start experimenting with the right look with some non-permanent and natural dye, and then move on to a longer lasting dye once you have found the right style.


Among the shades with the least risk of error, there are however the copper , and – for the brunette – the mahogany red , a warm and intense that gives practically to all women.


If you wish to have more sources of inspiration in addition to the hints that we have just elaborated, we advise you to take a look at the gallery that you find below.


A beautiful collection of photos from which you can take the right inspiration, and which will allow you to have the best models on which you can customize your unique style.


So try to understand if there is any look you like inside the gallery and talk to a good hairdresser: the time for changes has definitely arrived, and red could act as an ideal companion!


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