Reverse Bob: Tips and Photos for a Pre-Autumn Look!

Reverse Bob: Tips and Photos for a Pre-Autumn Look!

Summer is certainly not over, but in order to arrive at autumn with a truly phenomenal look, it is certainly not too early to try to plan what to do. So, especially if you have short hair (but not too much), it might be useful to know that one of the coolest trends of the moment will be reverse bob , a type of hair that we have already had the opportunity to examine several times in recent times, and which could become your new reference point if you are looking for a very glamorous, versatile and able to satisfy a very long number of women.


What is the reverse bob


The reverse bob, one of the hair styles that we imagine may be most in demand during the next autumn season, has its main feature in its particular structuring. As all women who have already experienced this type of hairstyle will know well, the reverse bob has a back part in which the length of the hair will be a little shorter, and a “front” part which will instead be a little longer. Hence its name is easily explained: the bob is reversed because it has an inversion of the lengths, distributed differently on the various areas of the crown. Outwardly, the hair will appear more full-bodied, with a really very feminine cut. You can also make, at your convenience, much more significant scalings near the nape. You can also opt for beautiful and romantic side shows , distributing the volumes even more appropriately.


Some other style tips


Remember that the reverse bob is one style of hair extremely versatile and customizable, and that therefore you will be able to make it flexible and dynamic enough to satisfy your every wish! For example, you will be able to play with the volumes shown, with the tufts and with the fringes, or mix all the above “accessories” by creating a super-unique look. For example, you can bring a longer forelock and lift it for a rock hairstyle, using a little gel. Or you can use a soft fringe, accompanied by very light waves. In short, a world to be discovered!


Which color to use?


Color is certainly one of the aspects on which the greatest attention must be focused by women who want to get the best out of their look . The right shade can in fact contribute to highlighting the volumes, while an incorrect shade will aim to diminish the beauty of the cut. Fortunately, the range of potential choices is extremely varied: the glossy shades, the degradè effects, the lightening and some homogeneous tones will give you the right satisfaction!


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