Rose-gold hair ideas for all women!

Rose-gold hair ideas for all women!

The pink-gold hair is one of the most popular fashions of the last few years , although in recent times we have been partially neglected and almost “submerged” by other trends in terms of contemporary colors. Despite this partial decline, rose gold hair is still one of the favorite choices among the 2017 hair color trends, so much so that from Kiley Jenner to Emma Roberts [19459003 ], not a few celebrities have chosen to renew their stylistic aspect by going through this particular shade.


Therefore, if you also want to follow in their footsteps, perhaps it is worth trying to take a look at these hairstyles so cool , and get all the inspiration you need!


A perfect shade!


The rose gold , or rose-gold , consists of a splendid mixture of red, pink and blond. All this, adequately mixed by the best hair stylists in the world , in order to arrive at a unique tone, able to integrate perfectly in front of any shades of the skin. . It is in fact a particularly versatile and declinable tone on the hair of each of our readers, which can be weighted on each complexion and on each type of hair , from the thickest to the finest .


Of course, as you could see from our in-depth study today, you will not be forced to dye the whole hair at all. In fact, you can try to enhance only a few points of your hair with the gold-rose, thus enriching your usual look with truly enviable reflections!


Rose on blond: a choice that convinces!


Any examples? As you can guess from our gallery today, you can try to give your blond hair a new life by choosing pink as a stylistic enhancement point.


If therefore you think you have got tired of your blonde hair, the rose-gold option is truly the most delicious perfect one. Moreover, starting from a natural blond hair will allow you to take a fair advantage, given and considered that you will be able to apply pink in a simpler way, without necessarily having to go from a previous discoloration. The appearance will appear to be more natural and, above all, you will have obtained the enviable benefit of not deteriorating and excessively stressing the hair .


Gold-rose: not only for blondes!


Intuitively, we can only specify that the rose-gold is by no means a shade for women only! If in fact it is true that it is easier for a woman with blonde hair to color her hair pink, it is also true that the gold-rose is not exclusive to women with lighter hair , and that you could get extraordinary results even starting from a brown hair.


Remember however that in order to obtain a pleasant result it will be necessary to carefully evaluate what to do, understanding how to discolour the hair and what final result to try to pursue. Uno ombrè style seems to be the favorite mood of women with brown hair, who will go to pleasant shades pink reflections gold their hair.


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