Scaled Bob: 33 photos and tips for a renewed hairstyle!

Scaled Bob: 33 photos and tips for a renewed hairstyle!

The bob scaled are among the styles of bob which in recent years have experienced one of the most pleasant rediscoveries. Until not too long ago they were almost “underestimated” by leading hair designers. Today, however, they are among the most appreciated international must haves, and it is certainly not uncommon to find real examples of excellence in any city street. But why bet on the bob climbed also in September?


Many advantages


In truth, the scaled bob can give women who know how to wear them with the right composure infinite advantages. In addition to ensuring a retro area, they can give an aristocratic allure, without however weighing on the difficulty of management: indeed, it is legitimate to remember how the bob scalati are among the [19459002 ] helmets easier to administer, with practically minimal home maintenance, and lasting positive effects.




Another great benefit of the scaled helmets is their inclination to become the basis for the realization of fairly particular cuts, arranging the volumes in a more atypical way. Generally, the rear volume will not be at the height of the neck, but will move a little upwards, while at the height of the neck the note scaling will be applied which will subtract volume from the lower part, moving it upwards.


On the other hand, when moving towards the top of the rear center of gravity, there will be a downward movement of the front center of gravity. A dynamism that will not fail to be appreciated by all women who are looking for a lively and dynamic style.

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