Scaled hair: Haircuts and hairstyles to share!

Scaled hair: Haircuts and hairstyles to share!

The well made scaled cuts can add value to any nature of hair, from the thinnest to the thickest, from curly to perfectly straight hair and including all lengths, short, medium and long. It is only important to know well what type of intervention to perform on the hair, and it is for this reason that we have decided to give life to this guide, so that you can orient yourself well and feel at home in the world of scaled cutting.


It’s called “ scaled cut ” because it is carried out by intervening on the lengths of the hair with the aim of creating a real scale that will have the task of creating shapes and volumes on your hair, giving life to different results depending on how deep we have created the scaling. The difference between scaling and unthreading consists in the fact that the latter thins out the strands by acting obliquely, without therefore a decided shortening of the same. On smooth hair scaling has the task of creating volumes and dynamism, where necessary. If we talk about short cut, scaling, for example, is necessary on the back (nape) for the realization of a pixie cut. Always with a scaling we can give a little “lightness” to the classic bob, as long as the scaling is not particularly evident. And with scaling we can create an infinite number of variations on the “long hair” theme, since these lend themselves perfectly to any type of scaling, always responding with very flattering results, allowing us to change many looks without shortening our beautiful long hair. Among the main trends that will mark autumn and winter, there will certainly be scaled haircuts . The “new woman” will need useful hairstyles but at the same time able to reflect their way of being. The long scaled hair seem for the moment to be at the top in the popularity index, whether they are straight or curly .


In particular, women who have a more “lively” hair will feel the need to give a nice scissor. They will be able to give vent to their creativity, or rather, let the hairdresser do it for them, so that they can identify the best haircut ever based on their needs and their way of seeing the style. It is possible to give a great emphasis to the hair, without having to upset it. Yes, it seems that this year’s look does not want to exaggerate, keeping well away from eccentric cuts.




The light and semi-invisible scalings designed by the best hair fashions have the main purpose of giving tone to the hair, removing heaviness and volume when necessary, and thus giving prominence to one’s face by lightening the hair. Obviously this is not an unwritten law, but only a guideline. In some cases, in fact, when circumstances require it, scaled hair has the privilege of obtaining the opposite result: giving volume. The general inspiration, however, is quite clear: the hair stylists have made low of the fashions of the 70s, giving the scaled hair an extremely fashionable image, without giving too much attention.


The most careful fans of hair fashion will however know that the trend to use long layered hair is certainly not new, on the contrary, it is the legitimate daughter of the trends already applied during the summer just ended. Long scaled hair was, in other words, a real must during the summer months, when the heat invited to lighten the hair giving vent to a less voluminous garment. Summer, however, has differentiated itself from these cold months because it has seen women of all ages prefer climbing, but often combined with a nice short cut . We have already seen how the cheeky and slightly masculine cuts stand out, but they were then embellished with highly feminine accessories and an impeccable and chic make-up. Over the next few seasons, scaled hair should extend its stay at the top of the list of desires of women all over the world, thanks also to the use of many celebrities for this type of hairstyle, vintage and romantic, but not certainly excessive. Obviously a scaled cut can be customized to such an extent as to make it completely unique. If you want to be noticed more, you can use a punk – rock type scaling, taken from the late 80s. With the introduction of the above, let’s try to list some fashion tips to help you prepare for the upcoming cold season. Our opinion is undoubtedly to abandon definitively the long front and short back cuts, so fashionable in the last summer (and also in those of 4-5 years ago) but now certainly surpassed.


It is time to vary and break away from the label attached to Italy as a “country which is stylistically not very advanced and attached to past styles”. Yes, even if we can take inspiration from old fashions, such as hairstyles that resume what was in vogue in the 70s, when soft and fluffy long scaled hair were the most requested in beauty salons and by hairdressers, it’s time to revolutionize things and review everything under a completely new and modern key. Obviously there are not many hairdressers ready to accept such a challenge. The style proposed in the 90s is to be avoided almost entirely. The cut that was most fashionable was geometric and very accentuated, today it would be very off topic and not appropriate to the context in which we find ourselves. So our advice is this: if you really want to exaggerate with scaling, better find a good middle ground that can satisfy both those who want to experiment , and those who do not want to take excessive risks. Among the alternative cuts, aimed perhaps at those women who do not have such long hair, there are also the medium helmet cuts: the climbing in this case can only be not very showy and, possibly, combined with a bangs (more discreet than those which were in vogue in the past seasons) or to a more accurate long tuft (now timeless, if we consider that it has been in great demand for many years).


Scaled hair: The beauty of the short!


So far we have mainly talked about long scaled hair. It’s time to change the cards and start evaluating a real revolution. Maybe until today you have been lovers of your beautiful long hair , when straight and when curly, and you just didn’t want to know how to cut them, but believe me, every now and then variation is good, both for a question of image and of hair health. There are various models of short hair scaled, just look at the stars of the moment. From Miley Cyrus to Rhianna. Of course, two different beauties, but which both highlight how a short and scaled cut is not synonymous with anti-femininity, on the contrary. Among the best scaled short cuts we find those with showy and full-bodied tufts that cover the forehead. One side longer than the other is highly appreciated lately, in practice asymmetry is preferred. We continue with short scaled hair and we find the side shave that can be cleverly hidden by very scaled bob hair, which tend to be very short on the nape. Once pulled up, you will have shaving, which, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, offers the advantage of lightening once and for all very voluminous hair.


The “different lengths” of long scaled hair




Long hair lends itself particularly well to this type of cuts and if you want to have a long haircut that is not “the usual hair” then you really need to wear long hair scaled . The scaled cuts play on the different lengths of the different “layers” of hair and, even more so if we talk about straight hair, they create truly captivating effects on the backs. The simplest scaled cuts, in fact, are those in which are made to “play” with each other various lengths of the “levels” . a predefined length of the “first layer” is established, at the height of the nape, and then proceeds to create different lengths with each strand, gradually. What comes out of it is a much more graceful hair and, moreover, smoothed and scaled tips that are much more prominent.


For scaled cuts you can also opt for asymmetrical fringes which cover the forehead from one side to the other and, if you want to dye your hair you can also play in a nice way with the [19459013 ] chromatic asymmetries on the bangs . If you don’t like the side fringe, the classic frontal fringe with straight line termination, of the preferred length, will also be fine.


Remember that the fringe gives the oval faces because it regulates the too wide fronts, and corrects any not too regular somatic features.


But the scaled cuts do not stop here: you can also climb a lot by making the shorter strand at the height of the nostrils , or by scaling the front part of the hair more to obtain much brighter cuts.


With the smooth hair you can try more scaled cuts , taking care of the tips while drying the hair to make the scaled cut more evident.


Scaled cut for long curly hair




If you have wavy hair, then scaling hair gives a more evident result if you play on a wide range of scaled lengths, gradually. Wavy hair harmonizes the features of the face and scaled hair will subtract a bit of “size” from your head. As for curly hair, well, the length helps a lot in keeping those more frizzy and swollen. Besides long curly scaled hair has a nice touch and a nice volume .


If we want to keep the most rebellious curls at bay, we try to to scale them shortening them very far and keeping them longer, gradually, as we move towards the backside.


If in addition to being curly they are also frizzy, then scaling them to the level of the nape by a beautiful hand in creating volume on the head, so we frame the face and avoid the “lenoni heads”. Instead, a more cheeky tone will give us the scaling of the upper part of the head, “deflating” a little that area which is generally more swollen.


Scaled cut for long straight hair




Even for straight hair, scaling them is a great way to change your look without changing your tastes by adopting a short cut . By scaling the hair properly we keep the length we like but we vary the appearance considerably.


Ok, let’s say that we have adopted this solution: now we have to decide whether we will scale only the tips or the entire length of the hair. If we already have a lot of volume in our heads then the most appropriate solution is to scale only the tips (we will avoid those annoying “ balloon effects “). On the contrary, if we are equipped with fine and flat hair, then more incisive scalings can be dared , for the entire length of the hair. For both cases, we will obtain a visible lightening and thinning of the hair, intervening not on the length but on the consistency of the hair .


Returning instead to the characteristics of short and scaled haircuts , we can only remember, once again, how short haircuts are scalable in different ways: for example you can try – as they did some of the features of today’s photogallery – to climb them only in the front, perhaps to climb a tuft that can make your hairstyle original and unique. Or, you can proceed to scale them in a more homogeneous way, thus giving the impression of further lightness to the whole figure. Given the variety of alternatives you can opt for in your choice of short and scaled hair cut , our advice can only be to carry out appropriate simulations in the company of a good hairdresser who can direct you to the right one. road, and keep you away from the easy mistakes that can be made when climbing one’s hair.


Therefore, try to understand which type of scaling can be good for you, and whether improvements can be made to enhance some strengths of your face (without forgetting that through a nice scaling it is also possible to proceed with concealing some weaknesses).


Bob climbed, a well-deserved popularity!




On the other hand, one thing is certain: more and more VIP women have chosen the bob climbed as the “queen” of the hair short , thanks to the possibility to play adequately with tufts and lightness of all sorts, and greater length in the front part of the look that can guarantee an elegant and sinuous appearance. An evolution of the classic bob that will not fail to be appreciated for the positive vibrations it can generate!


Bob climbed, from smooth to rough




The bob climbed can probably give its best when tested on a crown that is characterized by wavy hair. However, nothing prevents you from being able to experience this look well even on straight hair: in any case, you will be able to have a particularly fashionable style, applying to ensure that the smooth or choppy scaled bob is one of the coolest styles that have you ever had the opportunity to wear, and giving yourself a new feeling of freshness.


Super trendy long and scaled haircuts!


The long haircuts appeal to many of our readers. On the other hand, these are ultra feminine and customizable looks, which fortunately will be very fashionable even in winter, giving all those who would not give up their extra hair in the world for a truly unmatched charm. So let’s try to understand how to get the best from long hair, climbing them in the best of the ways to make them even more “light” and romantic!


Long bob


It is certainly not a surprise, but let us remember how the long bob is also a safety in the long hair fashion . On the other hand, it is a long cut, declinable on the medium , which for versatility and femininity is a favorite of women. With or without fringe, it is certainly the right solution for those women who do not like to dare too much and want to take refuge in their hairstyle in a context of comfort.


Long swag


If you want to try something new, the swag , to be worn longer than usual, could satisfy your curiosity. Clearly inspired by the 70s, since I tend to rock , it is a very scaled-down look, with the consequence of being more voluminous in the upper part, which will normally be graceful with a rather parade bangs. It is one of the most effective interpretations in hair fashion for autumn winter, and it seems to adapt very well to personalities of greater determination.


Long steps with fringe


The fringe is certainly one of the most appreciable accessories in the hair fashion . Starting from this element of appreciation of your very personal style, you will be able to make any type of hairstyle and any type of cut more graceful . Of course, remember that in order to get the most out of your fringe , you should be patient enough to study together with your hairdresser which type to adopt: some women wear the fullest fringes with greater satisfaction, others the more minimal ones. In principle, long scaled haircuts, with full, symmetrical fringe or with side tuft, could be an excellent starting point for a fairytale look!


Smooth or wavy?


The scaling for the coolest haircuts of winter will reveal its most incisive strengths on straight hair. However, you can evaluate the possibility of obtaining a fantastic result even on slightly wavy hair, one of the most interesting trends of the season. Try to work a little with imagination and creativity, sharing with your hair stylist how much there is to do!


Once this is done, our invitation to close the study is once again to consult our photo gallery today: you will certainly find some useful evaluation bases to enrich your choice, and on which you could share what to do with the your hairdresser, reaching the final goal of choosing the most suitable hairstyle with your needs.


Short hair and short hair: lots of photos and some great style tips!


The scaled hair is one of the coolest choices of recent times. Practically fantastic on cuts short and on those medium , they can unleash all their strengths on the wavy, slightly wavy hair. Therefore, if you are thinking of trying a scaled haircut , you are already on the right path, as you are ready to make your own a very versatile option , which can certainly also provide important added values. to your delightful face, making it more balanced, more harmonious and more graceful. So let’s try to know a little more about this hair style that can give structure and dynamism to the hairstyle, but without weighing it down.


Scaled and short hair


Let’s start with the possibility of being able to show off excellent scaled and short hair . The scaled and short hair is one of the top to be able to frame the face and soften the features of the face. If you want a high level result, you can opt for a scaled pixie cut and slightly wavy, which will allow you to have a truly refined and youthful air, a little cheeky and certainly seductive . It is a haircut that seems to donate a lot to those people who have a very regular oval face, and that is recommended for those who want a look that will make you earn year compared to what is indicated in your identity card!


Scaled and medium hair


If you have strong features, and you fear that a scaled and short haircut may excessively harden your face, perhaps going to emphasize rather harsh features, you can resort to some variations, through a fantastic scaled and medium haircut, a little longer than the previous version, which we hypothesized with a nice pixie cut. The important thing is that the length of the hair falls at least below the line of the cheeks, leaning gently up to the shoulders. It is a solution that will certainly be able to refine the cheekbones, cheeks and jaw, if the dimensions and their features are large or angular.


Scaled and wavy hair


We conclude this brief inanima of the best scaled haircuts going to deepen the scaled and wavy haircuts. In fact, it must always be remembered that scaled haircuts are particularly suitable also for those women who want to make their medium wavy or curly hair cut more airy and light, following the seasonal trend that wants a natural and slightly ‘easy, disheveled and a wild pinch. To do this, the scaled and wavy hair is what is best for you: in fact, you will be able to have the most graceful advantages by playing on the scaling more or less strong and accentuated, as well as with the waves, which can be more or less sweet and ruffled.


At this point, there is nothing left for us to wish you to find the right inspiration for your new scaled hair look: the three examples we have shown above are certainly excellent models, but they are certainly not the only ones you will be able to identify in company of a good hairdresser !


A good starting point will certainly be represented by the possibility to browse our gallery today: inside you will find dozens of practical models already selected and ready for use. We are sure that they can become a possible source of inspiration for all those women who have the will or preference to review their look, and want to do it with a selection of modern and contemporary styles, easily adaptable to your needs and to any face and hair type.


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