Shades for purple hair: many wonderful examples to share!

Shades for purple hair: many wonderful examples to share!

Evidently the fairy tale that purple brings bad luck, at least in the field of hair styling is disappearing. Violet breaks in in hair stylists’ salons and the many shades for violet hair are going crazy, on all lengths of hair, long , medium and short , first of all among the most popular stars on all the red carpets (and the most evident demonstration is the “wisteria in the head” queen Kelly Osbourne who, even for a television contract he can wear other colors on his head for two years!).


That kind of mixture between lavender, gray and blue that the daughter of the great Ozzy had on her head did not have particular successes exclusively in her working environment, however it also marked her new life after the ” rehabilitation “. The shades for purple hair are the must for the latest hairstyle collections of this spring / summer.


How to match shades for purple hair


Ok, it’s trendy and it’s a must, but how to wear this color , already a real symbol of nobility on one’s hair? How to combine it with make up? Being the sum of red and blue, purple, (with all shades for purple hair) is complementary to yellow (the complementarity between colors indicates that they are opposite in the chromatic scale). So it is precisely yellow the color to be used on jewelry and accessories to create a pleasant contrast with the hair. For make-up, however, it is good to use a similar and non-complementary color: pink with all the shades of this color will do very well, creating a harmoniously romantic mood. A little mushy, maybe … but many like it.


What shades of shades for purple hair?


The shades of shades for purple hair are to be chosen based on the complexion of the skin: a violet with darker tones will create a magnificent contrast on women with an olive complexion or, in any case, it is a good bit tanned, while they are recommend the less bold shades of purple for those who have a lighter skin tone, however, at this point, do not forget to make up your eyes in a “visible” way to avoid that the final effect has tones washed out.


For women who, on the other hand, have a pinkish skin color, then just the lavender nuances , like those of Kelly Osbourne, will be ideal as shades for purple hair . It is obvious that for that type of shade it is essential that you have a blonde base. If you are more then the choice will fall on the heavier and colder shades of purple. And, then, a little color will be indispensable on the lips, which should never be left without lipstick .

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