Shades of blonde hair: the trendiest of winter 2015-2016

Shades of blonde hair: the trendiest of winter 2015-2016

Let’s see what are the main trends for blonde hair shades for this winter 2015/2016 , which is entering its climax with the Christmas holidays.


Shades of blonde hair: the trends of this winter


Broux suits women with brown hair perfectly , but what about blondes? Where do the trends of this winter take us?


The complexion plays its role, and certainly also the color of the eyes, however the main factor remains the eccentricity, more or less pushed, that we seek in our shade of blond . Blondes are however fortunate that in the cold season they have immense freedom in choosing the many existing blonde shades, so that they can be glamorous but always satisfying their tastes


Let’s discover together the coolest shades of blonde this winter


Let’s start with the blond Brown : it is a blond that tends to the dark, and originates from the communion of the honey-colored blond and the mocha brown variety. It is a rather elegant coloring and it is so bon-ton, women of any age can choose it.


Let’s move on to ash blonde : a classic, an “evergreen” that will die when mankind becomes extinct. Those who have it natural will defend it by fighting with bare hands, while those who have not natural it can always get it from their hair stylist simply with a process called “ toning “. It is a color that seems to be off, but is always considered very chic .


Another classic: the platinum blonde . This all seems to be except a dull coloring, it is the most eccentric tone that the blonde can have. Many stars love it, especially the more transgressive ones: Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga are an example. Even for this winter, the first row of platinum blonde hair shades does not take anyone away. Do we want to say it all ? Platinum blonde exudes sensuality from every hair .


The blond vanilla , a little less common and known than the others, is perfectly suited to those who began to see in their hair some silver that colors them (to put it with Massimo Ranieri). In short, come on, let’s face it: when we start to have some white hair, this shade of blond is ideal for camouflaging it, but with a lot of class. Gradient for mature women .


Caramel and honey blonde : shades of blonde hair very suitable for very young girls and, above all, those with light skin. Let’s add some streaks of strawberries and color, that’s it .


Ice blonde : it does not differ much from platinum blonde, however the ice is more oriented to gray and to white, more than all the other shades of blonde hair, including blonde platinum. You will have a lunar crown and, if you add black or gray streaks to it, the final touch of class eccentricity will be given . You know Cruella De Mon ?

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