Shampoo Tips for Oily Hair

The problem of oily hair actually originates from the scalp. In other words, it is not your hair, but your scalp. The hair that is washed frequently and playing with our hair a lot during the day and moving our fingers constantly between the hair also causes the hair to become oily. In straight hair, the oils on the scalp reach the ends faster, so it is more dominant. It is less annoying in people with curly hair. If the problem of lubrication in the hair is not prevented, hair loss can also be encountered because the scalp pores will be blocked. Likewise, scalp problems such as dandruff and fungi may increase.

Shampoo suitable for this hair problem is at the top of the care suggestions for oily hair. It should consist of soft and natural ingredients that are not formulated for oily hair, specially formulated for oily hair. Applying moisturizer-free conditioners that are more suitable for those with such hair problems and care treatments for oily hair will speed up the solution. The products to be used for oily hair can be continued weekly and monthly after treatment and mild purifying shampoos can be used for daily use.

Shampoo recommendations for oily hair


Loreal Pure Resource

It is a suitable and effective product for daily use. It balances the production of excess sebum in the scalp and purifies the hair. It has an antioxidant effect with the vitamin E it contains and protects your hair and scalp.


Tresan Nettle Shampoo


Nettle extract improves blood circulation, nourishes and strengthens hair follicles. Lubrication disappears in healthy and purified scalp. It adds extra volume to your hair.


Care recommendations for oily hair


The best method to be used during the washing of oily hair is to rinse well with warm water before shampooing and to remove the oil from the hair. Many people may want to wash their hair several times a day, uncomfortable with excessive greasing of their hair. In this case, the fat cells in the scalp will gain habit and tend to be more oily.


Natural methods are very effective for oily hair problem in herbal applications. Care applications that you will do to support the products you use will help your scalp problems come to an end. You can check our article on Suggestions for Oily Hair for natural support.


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