Shatush on short hair, here's how! Cuts and colors to share!

Shatush on short hair, here's how! Cuts and colors to share!

The shatush is one of the bleaching methods (or coloring!) Of the most fashionable hair at the moment. And everything suggests that fashion can continue for a long time, given and considered that the main catwalks around the world continue to offer this extraordinary technique in a rather convinced way, capable of guaranteeing an intense and brilliant nuance. But what if shatush is applied to short hair? Will it have the same appeal?


The answer is naturally positive, and not only that: shatush can be easily replicated, even with DIY. The important thing is to try to approach with a cut that can lend itself well to this bleaching strategy. For example, if the hair is too sparse, fine and smooth, you run the risk of obtaining an excessively clear detachment: a result that is certainly not rewarding, which will probably lead you to a full-bodied step backwards. If, on the other hand, you have a nice hair, a little climbing, shatush can be applied without any fear.


Having sanctioned the above, we can proceed with clarity and conviction along the path of lightening. Remember to start discoloration under the ears, because if you apply the shatush too high, you run the risk of creating an unsightly regrowth effect. The shade of color must also not be homogeneous: better to create a little dynamism and irregularity, as otherwise the final effect will not be exactly the best.


Now, introduced the above, if you have really very thick hair, such as the pixie cut, it is good to keep away from the shatush. The risk in this case is to lighten the roots or the tips attached to the roots. So go ahead for shatush for short hair, but hair doesn’t have to be so short! Wait until they grow at least below the ear: the helmet, even asymmetrical scaled cut, the undercut or the sidecut, lend themselves very well to shatush.


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In short, if you have short hair, the shaded cut is already a hairstyle capable of enhancing the hair in a very significant way. Therefore, proceed to leave the hair beautifully loose and natural. With a helmet and shatush, and maybe some “wild” waves, you will be able to achieve a truly fantastic look!

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