Short and blonde haircuts to experiment with a new type of hairstyle!

Short and blonde haircuts to experiment with a new type of hairstyle!

Here we are back with a new insight that will probably be very pleasing to all women who are passionate about their short and blonde hair, or who are thinking of switching to this style over the next few days or weeks, thus preparing themselves in the best way to face a new season in a big way! Therefore, if you are eager to be able to admire some new hairstyles that the lighter hair can choose from among the short cuts, below you will certainly find what they can do for you.


The short cuts are also one of our favorite lengths. Defined superficially not very versatile and moldable due to the short length of the hair, it is actually an extremely customizable length, which can be declined in a thousand and more ways on the head of all women, from the youngest to the least young. A brush stroke, the application of gel or waxes, or the use of accessories such as rhinestones, headbands or clothespins, will be enough to renew your hairstyle day after day.


For these and other reasons, today we want to return to dealing with short and blonde haircuts, discovering how many proposals and variations can be dedicated to women who want to experiment with this type of hairstyle.


Leafing through our photogallery you will have for example the opportunity to grasp how glamorous it is to wear a splendid sidecut, or how satisfying it can be to take refuge in pixie cuts, the shorter cuts that are increasingly chosen by women who have a face oval and “perfect”, and that through short haircuts want to further enhance their face.


As we have repeatedly underlined over the past few months, short hair is among the lengths we prefer in terms of versatility and modeling, certainly not affected by the low length of the hair. Precisely for these – and others! – reasons short and blonde hair has been chosen by many women who have had the opportunity to make appreciable evolutions in this sense, also guaranteeing a practically daily renewal capacity: just a few brush strokes, or the application of gel or waxes are enough , or even the use of specific accessories, in order to guarantee an ever new and more seductive hairstyle.


For these and other reasons, today we want to return to take care of short and blond hair , discovering together with you – and thanks to the photo gallery that you find in a few lines – how wide and diverse the proposals that we can share with all of you, and who are dedicated to women who want to carry out more creative experiments with this kind of hairstyle.


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