Short and blonde haircuts to use for autumn!

Short and blonde haircuts to use for autumn!

The short and blond hair certainly represents one of the most extraordinarily attractive mixes for the current autumn and the coming months. It is in fact a winning combination, which will be appreciated not only for the breadth of styles useful and wearable with conviction, but also for the fact that they can be sufficiently personalized on duty, pushing on trends contemporary and on the need to satisfy, now and always, your appeal and your feeling of greater security.


But which look to choose for your next style of short and blond hair ? What are the trends that you cannot fail to take into consideration?


Bob short


You will probably be “fed up” with hearing it repeat, but in our opinion even in the autumn of winter, a good evaluation of a bob short and blond cannot be ignored. The bob is a true style pass for your hair fashion, ready to satisfy the needs of all women thanks to its versatility and the ability to “feel good” on all hair. The shorter one and asymmetric seems to have the better of the other bob styles, but try not to underestimate the possibility of comparing it with the other identically fascinating and expendable moods !


Pixie cut


Another extraordinary trend that we have been able to appreciate in previous seasons is, of course, the pixie cut . As we have repeatedly repeated even in the last few days, the most appreciable hair trends seem to be those that reach the “opposites”: if, on the one hand, therefore, we are ready to stock up on styles of extra hair [ 19459003] long , on the other hand even the shortest pixie cuts will go to the greatest. Adapted casual and a little fake disheveled, it is the right haircut to be able to earn a few years compared to what your identity card says …


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Balayage and shatush


This is not a real style of hair , but some coloring techniques that seemed to have given their best in recent years, for take a breath in autumn 2019. Well, we believe that instead both balayage and shatush will be well appreciated for a long time, and even on short hair. Woe to give up evaluating them only because you are afraid of having too short a crown for them: in reality, if well thought out together with the help of a good hairdresser, balayage and [19459014 ] shatush are certainly capable of generating important added values ​​of style. Seeing is believing!

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