Short and cheeky hair: the best photos to start the year!

Short and cheeky hair: the best photos to start the year!

Let’s go back to dealing with short and cheeky hair, a choice that over the years has conquered a greater number of women, and which now seems to be able to offer itself with even greater conviction in view of the arrival of the spring season (believe us: it is much closer than you can imagine!). But who can get the most out of short hair and cheeky ? And how can you get the best results in terms of youth and freshness of your own hairstyle ? Let’s try to know a little more, also placing our beliefs on the proportion of a beautiful gallery that will not betray your expectations!


A choice of sure youth!


The first thing that comes to mind looking at the series of photos that we have the pleasure to offer you below (and the other gallery that we have offered on these pages over the months) is that short hair and cheeky are really among the most ideal choices to be able to give your look greater freshness and a slightly more youthful touch. It will be enough to play with the carefree of the tufts and wink at a look that dares more, to be able to have a hairstyle of ] great personality and able to subtract a few years from your identity card.


Easy to manage, easy to comb!


Another of the main characteristics of this genre of hair , which certainly all women who have already had the opportunity to experiment can confirm, lies in the possibility of being able to have a hairstyle that is very easy to comb and to manage, day after day. Therefore say goodbye to the too sober looks, which sentenced you to hours in front of the mirror chasing the tuft out of place. In this case, the messy and fake disheveled style is the master, and you will have nothing left to do but help you with a good styling product in order to try to give a touch of light-heartedness to the hair. In a few moments you will be ready for any appointment!


Lots of photos to take inspiration from


As always, also on this occasion the time comes to submit a beautiful gallery of photographic shots that perhaps could be useful to you in order to identify the best look for your style needs . Therefore, try to browse the series of shots that we have immortalized for you below, and look at each model with a healthy critical eye.


For each photo, therefore, ask yourself if the features proposed are truly effective and able to meet your specific needs, or if it is better to aim elsewhere. Also ask yourself how you will feel at ease with the chosen style, and – of course – compare yourself with the hairdresser in order to understand if the customizations to be made can still make the identified model a little more “yours”.


In the end, break all delay and get ready to welcome the new 2017 winter look! And what do you think? Do you like these style alternatives? Have you found any that you would like? Let us know what you think!


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