Short and dark hair, many solutions for all women!

Short and dark hair, many solutions for all women!

If you have short and dark hair , and you want to adequately enhance this pleasant choice of style, you are in the right place: aware that in order to enhance your hair it is necessary to find the ideal cut, in the following lines we have chosen to devote some space to those styles that, in our opinion, are able to enhance especially the dark shades (although they are anyway usable with satisfaction even on lighter shades). Therefore, if you are a beautiful brunette and you were thinking of choosing some new short haircuts for next summer, read on!


Frangia, an evergreen of sure success


Let’s start from what we just remembered to be a real evergreen: the fringe ! The fringe is in fact a hair accessory that never goes out of style, and is particularly suitable for those who wear short and dark hair: with similar basic characteristics, you can in fact choose it in length and the scale you prefer. So, consider the possibility of being able to choose a nice French fringe, minimal, or a wider and voluminous fringe. Always remember that the fringe must always be weighted with the rest of the hairstyle and that it is a very delicate element: it gets dirty often, and must be frequently subject to adjustments.


Forelock, sexy and with personality!


If you feel that the fringe is not for you, don’t worry. The hair fashion for short and dark cuts offers you a fantastic tuft that will allow you to create a very feminine and sexy look. The tuft can alternatively be chosen as a fake fringe, or in a medium version, which falls on the eyes, or even in a longer version, which can be adjusted behind the ears.


Play with colors


About fringe and tuft , remember that in order to give a greater personality to the cut, nothing prevents you from coloring the fringe or the tuft with contrasting streaks, using particular colors or choosing lighter shades than the base.


Having said that, we can only advise you to carefully evaluate the photos that we have selected for you below, remembering that as well as the fringe, also the tuft on short hair and dark [19459003 ] is very trendy, and whether your hair is smooth or curly. And if you want a youthful and alternative look, focus on a cut characterized by a disheveled effect, with strands shot upwards to form waves, straight tufts or crests (also in this case, remember to find the right color combination ).


We leave you now to our photogallery today. Remember to look carefully at the photos we have selected for you: each cut must be in total harmony with the physiognomy of your face, with your personality and with your way of combing the hair. So try to find a look that makes you feel comfortable and, possibly, that allows you to conquer “variations” on the theme every day, changing and revolutionizing your appearance every day!

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