Short and fine hair, here's how to choose the right conditioner

Short and fine hair, here's how to choose the right conditioner

If you have beautiful short and fine hair , you should know how important it is to try to take care of your hair by identifying the most appropriate products for the well-being of the hair. Among them, the conditioner can only play a fundamental role, comparable to that of the shampoo, on which instead most of the efforts are often concentrated. But how to choose the right balm ? Here are some rules not to make mistakes, and many photos to imagine the final result!


First point: look at your hair


First, try to understand in detail what the actual needs of your hair are . Fine hair can be dry or brittle, frizzy or ultra smooth. They can have a opaque color or be particularly shiny. In short, try to look carefully at your hair, and if you really can not decipher the general characteristics of the hair, try to talk to your hairdresser: it is very likely that this professional can identify in a very few moments what is best for you , removing you from doubts and entanglements.


Point two: the conditioner is more useful than you think


Secondly, try to remember – always and in any case – that the balm plays a very important and probably more important role than you might think. We have talked about its usefulness several times in the past months, and we refer to these insights for a better focus . Here, let’s just remember how its use can also be appropriate on oily hair, focusing on a purifying effect that can allow you to remove excess sebum. On short hair and fine, focus mainly on the roots.


Third point: try and read!


In conclusion, one last piece of advice which is often – unfortunately – underestimated. Try to calmly approach the choice of your new conditioner and, if you have the opportunity, get a sample for a try. Also read carefully the list of components, and try to “decode” their meaning, perhaps with the help of one of the beauty shop consultants. Also try to stay at a proper distance from chemicals and too cheap products, which are often not made with quality raw materials, and would run the risk of generating unwanted prejudices to the seal of your hair.

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