Short and medium haircuts with new colors for the summer!

Short and medium haircuts with new colors for the summer!

As all our most loyal readers will well know, on our site we are always particularly attentive to what is happening in terms of hair color, informing you in a timely manner about the latest news on the most “in” shades front. Considering the foregoing, if you are also a person who likes to change hair color often, perhaps following the trends of the current seasons, you certainly cannot miss today’s insight that, here on CapelliStyle , we have chosen to reserve yourself: many ideas to be able to review your look on the basis of today’s trends, and 37 photos that will only delight your eyes!


As will be well highlighted by taking a look at the photogallery, there are many choices. How not to mention, for example, a nice caramel? It is a color that can be combined in a fantastic way with brown eyes and red lips. If you have a very pale skin color, you can push the accelerator foot towards the mahogany, a tone that also promises great things this year and seems to want to keep faith with the hopes that in the past few months we have had the opportunity to elaborate for you.


A reference also belongs to blondes: from platinum to blond with reflexes ] white , it is a group of shades that goes very well with porcelain-colored complexions. These are more extreme shades and must be adopted with a little attention, but we are sure that a good sharing with your trusted hairdresser will certainly give you the best satisfactions.


The list could go on and on. What we advise you to do is browse today’s gallery – and the many that in the recent past we have tried to prepare for your interests – and identify one or more tones that could be right for you. Considering that each style will require a minimum of adaptation and customization on your garment, we also recommend that you share the most appropriate steps with your hairstylist in order to achieve prompt satisfaction.


Short and medium haircuts with new colors for the summer!


The scaled bob can also be arranged on various lengths, thus lending itself to perfect modeling by the woman. Of course, the occasion is useful to remind us that one of the preferred lengths is the one that stops at the chin , with a smooth fringe on one side and – as we can see in the photogallery – the extension that stops at a length that can enhance the face of the wearer.


Considering that not only does bob live, in the photogallery you will also find other occasions to comb your own short and straight hair in style. From the pixie cut to the most extensive cuts, we are sure that you will find what is right for you, and therefore you will be able to put your beauty to good use with an unforgettable hairstyle!


In short, finding the right hair color for your needs is really very complicated , but the search for the best hair color will still have to go through a thorough knowledge of what are the trends of the moment , or from the past. Once this is done, it will be possible to carry out a further study, trying to understand whether or not that particular tone is able to enhance our beauty.


Of course, the complexities that we have been able to anticipate above, and with which we have clashed many times over the past few years, must not represent a point of discouragement, but a motivating starting point for carrying out “studies”. and analyzes on our aesthetic characteristics and, consequently, on what is best for us.


Remember however that the choice of a change of color hair must be made with the optimism and relaxation it deserves. And therefore, if one day you are tired of your current coloring, you can always change with a new tone: as long as you do not overdo it with the application of colors on your hair (too many treatments would run the risk of damaging skin and hair), c ‘is always a second – and a third – possibility.


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