Short and "pointed" hair: many ideas for a cheeky look!

Short and "pointed" hair: many ideas for a cheeky look!

I short hair and “shot” upwards or to the sides, with the tips which can be oriented at will to obtain a extraordinarily pleasant effect, they represented one of the top looks for women who want to give themselves a beautiful cheeky appearance and, we are sure, they will continue to represent also in 2017 a excellent opportunity of choice for all those women who want to bet a little more on themselves, renewing their appearance in a key more modern and contemporary. But how do you get the best out of this hairstyle ?


A useful idea, not only for young women!


First, remember that the hair so to “ tip ” and spiky are not necessarily a prerogative of younger women, but also of those with a few more years on the shoulders. Indeed, precisely for the latter it may be the right opportunity to earn a few years compared to what is stated in the identity card, giving yourself an even more appreciable and youthful aspect . An opportunity that therefore we would like to recommend to all of them, with a shrewd evaluation on the pros and cons, in the company of your hairdresser of greatest reference!


Short and "pointed" hair: many ideas for a cheeky look!


Easy to comb


Among the main advantages that this kind of hairstyle will certainly give you, there is the possibility of combing the hair in such a way simple and convincing, in exchange for a few moments of patience in adequately arranging the tufts and locks . The latter, for example, can be brought up or on the sides, depending on your preferences, and can be left more natural, without a product for the finish that weighs them down and makes them shiny, or focus more ardently on one wet style . In any case, always remember that you should try to get as natural a result as possible, without generating excessively artificial structures.


A gallery to watch!


Finally, we close our appointment with a beautiful gallery that, we are sure, will be able to enrich your choice opportunities in reference to the spiky hair that there are! As our habit, our conclusive suggestion can only be to induce you to look carefully at the series of shots that we have prepared for you, and ask you calmly if there are styles that you believe can actually be right for you. Also ask yourself how they could be personalized and, if you consider it appropriate, talk to your hairdresser to be able to evaluate a possible adoption on your head. Ready?


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