Short and slightly uncombed hair, a super cool style for next spring!

Short and slightly uncombed hair, a super cool style for next spring!

The short hair is one of the choices that we have sponsored with greater pleasure over the past few years, and which also in 2017 seems to have all the credentials to be able to carve out a role of safe protagonist for the seasons to come. And if short hair is suitably combined with an irresistibly messy and cheeky approach , the final effect will be even more remarkable and appreciable. So let’s find out more and find out how to make your hairstyle unique and ultra customizable on your authenticity features!


Short is better?


Although in recent months we have focused more attention and prevalence on short haircuts , this does not of course mean that we believe that short – regardless – can be better than medium or long. However, it is also true that in recent years the trends in hair fashion have gradually been oriented towards shorter styles , which have been able to enhance the features and the characteristics of freshness and rejuvenation of all the women who had the good idea to focus on it with a determined dose of attention.


In addition to this, one of the trends that seemed to be the most popular was the use of one hair style plus easy and messy , that through fine tangles and free tufts to allow themselves to be expressed naturally, has allowed many women to find a new genuineness and a new fresher appearance than the more structured and artificial one. Not only that: in addition to this good evidence, we can only remember how the style messy , combined with short hair, has the great advantage of making your hair style even easier to style and recreate day day after day, making you soon forget the hours spent in front of the mirror, looking for a fully convincing style. Not bad, right?


Pixie or bob


As for the haircut to make it a bit more messy than usual, our preferential appeal naturally goes to the pixie and the bob . We have said almost everything about the second in recent years, dedicating hundreds of insights and as many photo galleries to the helmet – and to all its more modern variants. We talked about the former as well, defining it as one of the most captivating looks of the last few seasons.


In this regard, we have had the opportunity to note with particular satisfaction that the world of pixie cut is rapidly expanding to almost unpredictable variations, and not always linked to the use of short films more extreme. Leafing through the gallery that we have identified and that we will shortly present to you, you will certainly not make any effort in identifying some useful models for you and your style needs. Also, don’t stop at just the division between pixie and bob: the panorama of short hairstyle is really wide and heterogeneous, and it deserves continuous insights and curiosities on your part!


45 photos to watch and share!


We therefore conclude with our usual and unmissable habit, linked to the possibility of sharing with you a few dozen photographic models that you could use as a source of inspiration for a high quality restyling. We therefore advise you to carve out a few minutes of your precious time to be able to carefully look at the alternatives that we have chosen to find for your stylistic purposes, and to talk to your hairdresser, submitting to the hairstylist only the alternatives that you believe can really do to your case. Strive, together with him, to customize them properly and let us know what final result you managed to achieve in view of the beautiful spring and summer season!


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