Short and thick haircuts for a spring of new charm!

Short and thick haircuts for a spring of new charm!

Who has beautiful thick hair should not at all fear the possibility of experimenting with pleasure a nice short haircut . However, it is also good to make some small preliminary precautions, and try to understand that – although nothing is precluded – some gesture of specific attention is appropriate to do so, given that some haircuts may appear not particularly attractive on your garment, while others may really be the style solution that you may have been looking for with passion for several years. Are you ready for this new journey in hairstyling more contemporary?


Many hairstyles at your disposal


Having clarified the foregoing, let us remind you that there are really a lot of hairstyles at your disposal, and that some of them could really be unsuspected! The thick haircuts can in fact donate the maximum to asymmetrical bobs and to those angled , but nothing – as we anticipated in the above lines – is truly precluded . You can therefore obtain excellent results even with pixie cuts or with medium hair. And if you want to have some more concrete ideas, keep reading the next lines and you will certainly find some good ideas!


Short and thick haircuts for a spring of new charm!


Bob inverted


Let’s start our roundup of style hypotheses with a nice inverted bob. It is a medium – short haircut, well angled, very useful with thick hair . It can be used with both light and dark tones, it is a choice of great success and great personality for all women who want to give themselves an even younger and more trendy appearance. Evaluate the angle and inclination levels with your hairdresser, and the rest will come by itself!


Long asymmetrical bob


Another choice not unlike the previous one, but which differs from it for some details that cannot be underestimated, is the long and asymmetrical bob. It is a beautiful, particularly layered hair style, which all women can choose to customize on their face, identifying the best mix of lengths and contrasts [ 19459011]. A sort of evergreen, which in recent years has been able to be appreciated by a growing number of our readers: we bet that the same will also be able to do in the coming months!


Short and thick haircuts for a spring of new charm!


Volume for curly hair


If in addition to being thick your hair is also curly or very wavy, try not to “curb” this stylistic impetuosity! The thick hair and curls are in fact extraordinary if they are free to be able to express your whole personality, with a layered structured bob haircut: voluminous and gritty enough!


Pixie with tuft


Another alternative that we offer you with pleasure is a nice pixie haircut with tuft. Again, this is a good choice to play with style contrasts that will help you customize a super cool hairstyle, appreciated above all by a beautiful sensual tuft that could fall on a part of your face, going to focus more attention on the eye line.


Photos to watch carefully!


Here we are, also today, at the moment of the conclusion of our focus. As always, it is also the moment in which we are pleased to show you what we have identified in recent days: a beautiful gallery with over 45 different photos of short and thick hair that could act as an ideal source of inspiration for a very trendy restyling. We therefore leave you with this fantastic series of models to look at and to share with your friends, then trying to submit your ideas of good style to your hairdresser for the near future.


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