Short and thin hair, some tips for an easy and sexy look!

Short and thin hair, some tips for an easy and sexy look!

The short and thin hair can be the starting point for the realization of an easy and sexy look. But how do you do it? Before leaving you to today’s photogallery where you will find dozens of alternatives to be able to properly comb your short hair and thin, let’s proceed with a small summary of the realization of a truly effect style .


To recreate it, start with the usual washing: rinse your hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner, remove all product residues thoroughly and dry your hair with a towel: in doing so, avoid stressing the hair too much, remembering that one is sufficient good infill that removes any excess moisture.


At this point, proceed by spraying some texturizing lacquer, taking care to provide a light splash also on the lateral part of the crown. Then use a hairdryer, and while the hair is drying, take a brush with soft bristles, helping yourself with it to be able to bring the tufts of the head and forehead in the same direction. With dry hair, take a little fixing product on the fingers, and pass it on the hair of the forehead and temple to be able to fix the crease. The rest of the hair should instead be brought behind the ears.


A good variant, intended for those who love wavy and curly hair , instead provides for the use of a curling iron to create the right dynamism (just keep in mind that through the using a smaller iron you will be able to create small waves, while with a larger iron you will create massive waves). To achieve this, comb the clean, dry hair so that it falls slightly on one side. Then take the iron to be able to curl the hair: the curls should be folded down in this case, but it is not necessary that they are perfectly symmetrical. Indeed, considering that one of the trends of 2019 is precisely to create natural and cheeky effects, better a little “diversion”! Once this phase is over, pour a little fixing gel or mousse on your hands and, with your fingers, pass the product on your hair, trying to slightly mess up the curls.


If even this look does not convince you, you can obtain extraordinary effects by curling only the tufts of the fringe: you will get a romantic and sexy look! The procedure is similar to what we have already seen: wash and dry the hair, using a comb to bring the hair to one side and placing the parting just above the line of one of the ears. The rest of the hair will need to be combed to the opposite side.


All the trends from pixie cuts to page boys!


If you do not like the pixie cut, or you still want to try something different than the hair styles that you have had the opportunity to appreciate in recent years, we advise you to take with conviction the idea of ​​marrying a beautiful page boy . And if you don’t know what it is, no fear: it is, in fact, much more simply, a reinterpretation of the classic “cut to bowl “, which in recent seasons it has taken on the name of page boy and is on the heads of many girls who love more modern and more contemporary trends.


Do you want something more ordinary?


If you don’t like the idea of ​​experimenting with pixie cut and page boy , and you want to “take refuge” on some cuts of greater breadth and breadth but, at the same time, of a little “extravagance”, you can certainly take consider going to embrace the short bob . The shorter version of the bob is definitely what it takes to be able to give you a touch of refinement and elegance always in any context and on any occasion. We therefore advise you to evaluate it carefully, and perhaps also to use it as a starting point for a good look !


The very short is no longer in fashion?


Before leaving you with our rich gallery today, we advise you not to completely abandon the idea of ​​using a very short cut . This kind of “extreme” kind of haircuts was more fashionable in the past seasons, and today it seems to be a little tired and off. However, nothing prevents you from experimenting it even on your head, as long as you have an almost perfect oval. In fact, very short hair has the advantage of highlighting your face … and this may not be the best if you have a face with some irregularity, or too marked!


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