Short and very short: 20 ideal confirmations for August!

Short and very short: 20 ideal confirmations for August!

The choice of approaching a cut of short hair or very short is not a very easy option, since in most of the hypotheses it will constitute a potentially revolutionary change in one’s aesthetic approach . Therefore, regardless of one’s age, one will have to deal with themselves: those who choose the short are in fact a woman of a particularly short character, who in short hair tries to regain her essence, even more if a haircut ultra short.


Why do we cut our hair?


Cut the hair passing to the short or to the very short is a real affirmation of identity and personality, useful to be able to distinguish itself from the traditional image of a long-haired woman, superficially considered more feminine than the figures who instead wear a short haircut. Therefore, approaching such a radical change of style is generally linked to the need to affirm one’s personality in a moment of “change”, even personal. But how do you do it? And which trends to subscribe to?


Short disheveled, to be even more fashionable!


According to what the hair designer are the most established in the world, for summer 2016 the top trend will be represented once again by the short and unkempt hair [19459003 ]. A nice “secret” that will allow you to easily adapt your short haircut to any type of face, ranging from round to more square ones. Try to play adequately with the tufts, to be married more or less long, or again with shaded necks, adherent temples, plucked, and so on. Remember also that the short or very short haircut will put even more attention and evidence on your eyes, reducing volumes to a minimum. The impression of the viewer is that you have bigger eyes: just enough to induce you to have a bit of specificity in the make up of your gaze!


Of course, the ideas for those who love short hair do not end with our previous study. You can in fact wander – and our photogallery is ready to confirm it! – with short cut and fringe, plucking in the wind, short pixie with small fringes , sidecut and undercut , crests and tufts rock .


Short haircuts: I make myself a trendyssimo color!


This short cut impresses with many “sharp” features that the give a very avant-garde appearance . The color varies from dark brown, to plum, red, orange, passing through the peach-blonde shades well mixed on the longer side.


Short haircuts: “arty” asymmetry in copper tones


I love the rich chestnut brown with an angled cut and an asymmetrical atmosphere with extra long fringes that give a much more “arty” look . The copper-colored highlighting at the top draws attention to the volume and the darker sides are perfect for minimizing the feeling of too much volume laterally . And the pointed sides, stylized on the face, are also ideal for reducing the roundness of the plump cheeks.


Short haircuts: lengthen the low forehead


And if you have a low forehead, style your hair with an imposing round volume above the forehead to lengthen the face. This style works best with thick hair that has its own natural volume and the sides we thin them like “razor cut” to limit the volume to the sides.


Short haircuts: platinum beautiful!


This original platinum blonde style is captivating with the fringe cut to the center in a “strong” line, which then gradually lengthens into an “exaggerated” side forelock.


The beautiful purple accent on one temple emphasizes the eyes on one side as does the fringe on the other. So, we make up our eyes with a smoky and trendy violet : this is the true look of the “unconventional” woman who loves to have her own and original style!


Short haircuts: customized fringe


As you can see, extra-long bangs are very popular , together with the parting from which this long asymmetrical fringe that enhances the face starts, and that your stylist can customize perfectly based on the face shape. These styles also allow you to make up your eyes in a more varied way, because short cuts attract more attention to your eyes. And with the spring eyeshadows with fantastic metallic colors, copper, gold and bronze eyeshadows , you can match your eyeshadow with the hair color for a fabulously chic short haircut! And below you will find photos of the most popular short haircuts of the moment that you may like, enjoy them!


Finally, remember that, contrary to what most people will tell you, short and very short hair is good not only for straight hair, but also for curls. Try to make some creative effort in the company of your hairdresser, and you will certainly be able to quickly reach the most appreciated result!









































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