Short and wavy hair, here are the new hairstyles to follow!

Short and wavy hair, here are the new hairstyles to follow!


Lovers of short and wavy hair , here we are! Today we want to go back to one of the most captivating styles of the last seasons, offering you useful tips to be able to model (or remodel) your short hair, making it increasingly in line with current trends.


Some first advice not to get lost


Let’s start by remembering that the starting point for a perfect styling is certainly to look for a nice tailored cut, which can be carefully calibrated and weighted on the basis of your face and the type of [ 19459009] hair . To do this, it is good that the reflection on what is best for you is done in dry hair, with a styling that can recall what you actually have in mind. Also share any thoughts with your hairdresser, the one who should inspire your new hair, protecting yourself from possible mistakes that could cost dear to your final look …


What styling to use for short and wavy hair


A mention of attention is naturally deserved also towards styling for hair short and wavy, which should be inspired – at least in part – by some contemporary trend. In particular, one of the most captivating fashions seems to be the New Boyish style, characterized by small tufts to outline the face, and a fragment of fringe just mentioned. A cheeky touch, falsely disheveled, will give you further added value of style . If you prefer, during drying on wet hair you can spray a heat-modeling and texturizing spray that allows you to shape your hair in a short time. This is a really extremely practical solution for those women who don’t have much time to devote to their styling, but who still want to have a look of great charm and, above all, of great hold!


A summer hairstyle to experiment with


If you are looking for a quick summer hairstyle to experiment in order to give your hair an extra gear, try to focus on a fake choppy yoke, chosen by many women in the latest fashion shows , for its softness and for the ease with which it can be adapted to any type of face. Another alternative is the top bun, to be very casual and braided, with any accessories (50’s bandana, for example).


We leave you now with a good photo gallery of wavy pixies to experiment. Try to take a look at it and evaluate whether or not they are in line with your preferences!


Short and wavy hair, here are the new hairstyles to follow!

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