Short and wavy hair, here's a secret to having a perfect look!

Short and wavy hair, here's a secret to having a perfect look!

I short wavy hair ? They are fantastic, comfortable and very attractive. And if you are wondering how much you have to work hard to have a high-impact hairstyle, it could be beneficial to know that there is a very simple and natural method to be able to blow-dry them and thus make them move. But how? In the following lines, we reveal a little secret to be able to quickly create a perfect short hairstyle and move , with which to enrich your summer 2016!


What do you need?


In order to create a beautiful short and wavy hair , you need a few simple ingredients, which you may already have at home. The first is certainly a beautiful headband, wide and of good resistance. The second is a lacquer, also of quality. Finally, hairpins, and a foam for curly hair.


Let’s move on to the operational phase!


We come therefore to the operational phase. Making short and wavy hair is in fact very simple, and at the end of reading the few lines that follow you will be able to master this simple technique that will allow you to avoid resorting too often to your hairdresser. In particular, if you do not want to use underwire or other heat sources, this secret will allow you to achieve the same results in a more natural way. How to do?


Wash your hair as usual, and after having dabbed it with a towel (or with a cotton shirt) apply a suitable foam to curly hair on all lengths. At this point, take the hair band at the height of the forehead, position it on the area where the root attachment starts, pass all the strands around the elastic, rolling them inside the band. For the hair that is in the upper part of the head, in the center, use hairpins: they will be useful for obtaining the same wavy effect in a part of the hair that is “neglected” by the headband.


To do this, take a lock, twist it at the tip of your finger, then fix it with a bobby pin. Repeat the operation with all the locks that have remained outside the band, and finally leave on for at least 3 hours. If you are not in a hurry, you can also choose to sleep on it all night: a good blow-dry before going to sleep is what it takes to wake up with a beautiful hair style the next morning! If you are in a hurry, you can use a hairdryer, perhaps at not too high temperatures.


New photos of short and wavy hair


Finally, we close our study with a beautiful gallery that will show you many photos of short and wavy hair that you could use as an ideal starting point to be able to design a hair restyling. Once you have identified the hairstyle that you think is right for you, try to understand if by applying the above technique it is really possible to get it easily and effectively. If it were not so, do not get down: there are many other techniques to be able to create excellent short and wavy hair, and on our website we have talked about it several times. Enjoy the reading!































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