Short and wavy hair: photos and tips to best treat them!

Short and wavy hair: photos and tips to best treat them!

Who has short and wavy hair is generally at the mercy of a double evaluation: on the one hand it is generally known that who has very wavy hair manages to manage it better if it makes them grow a little more, considering that in this case the hairstyles are widened (collected and not) to tame the hair; on the other hand, however, it is also known that, generally, short haircuts have benefits in terms of care and washing. How to proceed, then, to the best management of short and wavy hair?


As we have partially anticipated, the cut of short and wavy hair is much more comfortable than the long one, but this does not mean that it needs less care (indeed!). If in fact the short length can put us in partial shelter from the risk of split ends, it is also true that the short haircut needs continuous snacks in order to keep it always fresh.


An absolute truth that combines with another “sentence”: each short and wavy haircut is different, and each one must be studied on the basis of the shape of your face and the type of hair. If the wavy are – for example – particularly fine, they will probably have a cut that provides more volume to the roots, in order to appear more full-bodied. The ideal – of course! – is to study the cut with the help of your hairdresser, in order to arrive at the most “profitable” solution for your beauty. On this occasion it is highly probable that the hairdresser will be able to share with you (if not, voluntarily drop the chat on this topic) some useful advice to be able to better maintain the geometries and hairstyles of inspiration.


As regards washing in particular, always choose products that are suitable for the type of short and wavy hair: do not forget to proceed with a nice conditioner, and with a periodic mask that can nourish them adequately. For styling, do not use too aggressive products, but limit yourself to a nice mousse or gel to be applied with your hands, giving the finish in a natural way. If you also want to proceed with an “autonomous” coloring, on the market you will find many dyes that you will be able to apply on your own, with greater ease than the long ones, thanks to the limited extension of the crown.


But what are the short and wavy hair that could improve your style? The list is indeed quite long. For example, we can remember the rack, easily declinable even in the moved version, giving a cheeky and seductive air that will certainly not make you go unnoticed. The short and wavy haircut can in fact be so versatile that it can distinguish each personality in an incisive way, allowing both women who want to look elegant, and those who aspire to a more sober and retro look, to get only the best from it.


Although obvious, short and wavy hair can then be declined in more aggressive and original versions, such as rock glam or punk.


Still, among the coolest looks of the moment there is certainly a geometric yoke, characterized by equal or slightly scaled lengths: it is a well-defined cut, which ends just below the ear line, possibly integrated with a nice fringe, or not. Returning instead to the punk rock style, you can indulge yourself with an ultra short cut, very scaled on the nape, and then bring the whole volume upwards for an even more gritty effect, or downwards for a more sophisticated effect.


However, in the above case, pay a little attention: better that the application is always done by an expert hand. Finally, remember that with short and wavy hair you must always take into account a monthly visit to the hairdresser, who can renew the reference lines and geometries.

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