Short and wavy: many shots to watch and appreciate!

Short and wavy: many shots to watch and appreciate!

As well known to all women who wish to have a renewed look to show off in the autumn and winter season, short and wavy hair are what it takes to give a cut with the past and re-proposed in the coming weeks through a stylistic approach that can be easily customized thanks to the thousands of possibilities in terms of volumes, scale, shades, accessories and much more. Therefore, if the premises are so valid, why not fall into temptation with the consultation of our today’s photogallery? Short and wavy hair is also a fundamental point of reference for all women who want to be able to win added value on the sensuality and romance front: a truly formidable haircut, which today we want to share with you through this long series of shots that we are pleased to offer you, in the hope that they will be a useful basis for evaluating a possible change of style.


It is also well known that short and wavy hair are at the top of the list of priorities of all those hairdressers who wish to provide their customers with many advantage points, being able to count on the possibility of being structured. and declined in line with the specificity of the faces of many women.


For example, if you find yourself with a particularly long, and perhaps rather thin, face, you can choose to broaden the impression of the face by means of a nice side volume. You can also play with a few centimeters more or less to be able to recreate the much desired oval, and thus obtain full stylistic satisfaction!


As is also evident from the photogallery that we are pleased to share with all of you in the margins of this article, short and wavy hair can also be the ideal choice (and, perhaps, a priority for some women!) For all people. who have a particularly long face, and therefore need to be “enlarged” to find the right harmony. Thanks to the characteristics of the choppy bob, it will be sufficient to create volume on the sides to quickly obtain a better figure: a fantastic result, achieved without any risk of style!


In the photo gallery that we extracted then you will certainly find the right cut for your needs: a series of alternatives that will enrich the range of choices available to you, and which could really constitute a useful development base for building a new one look!


Having said that, we cannot – even on this occasion – remember how important it is to try to compare yourself with your trusted hairdresser, who will undoubtedly become the main protagonist of your support to reach a new evolution of style. As there is no short haircut that will suit all women, the hairdresser will no doubt be able to guide you towards the right cut, with the awareness that your goal must be to recreate the illusion of a oval face.


As far as colors are concerned, as you will have realized by browsing through our photogallery today, your imagination and synergistic reasoning based on the characteristics of the face will guide you. The possibilities to customize short and wavy hair with a beautiful shade are in fact practically infinite. We advise you to use some coloring technique useful to be able to assure you a particularly dynamic and youthful look. The embarrassment of the choice is at hand: why not then talk about it openly with your hairdresser, and break any delay?


Always remember to let us know how you got on with your new short and wavy hair , and share your creations with us. For the moment, we leave you with our photo gallery: good luck with your choice!


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