Short blonde hair: Sexy hairstyles for summer 2016

Short blonde hair: Sexy hairstyles for summer 2016

The best hairstyles for short blonde hair. Here are the examples to copy to surprise your him with a fresh and sensual cut.


For the summer 2016 the trend is to cut. Thanks to the increasingly insane hot madman, short hair is a model to be taken seriously. Able to refresh and give a jaunty and intriguing look, it opens the door to creativity and allows you to play with the locks in an ironic way.


Today we want to focus on short blonde hair , a color particularly appreciated in the summer because it offers delicious nuances and unique reflections aided by the sun. From ash to honey to the beloved / feared platinum, the blonde cut gives an elegant and extremely sensual look. But if taken badly, it risks bringing out the terrible effect “ tomboy ” which is unattractive, especially on an elongated face.


The hairstyles that are fashionable on short blonde hair for summer 2016 are definitely the bob and the pixie cut , perfect for the beach. But which one is good on your face?


Hairstyles short blonde hair: find out when to dare!


Short blonde hair: Sexy hairstyles for summer 2016


The platinum blonde with short helmet, for whom?


Elegant, straight and thin. It is a fantastic cut short blond hair very interesting and particular. It develops with a sensual light tuft on the side. It is a very feminine and delicate hairstyle, also suitable for over 40 which can give a more youthful touch to the face without marking it too much. In fact, this cut is suitable for those who prefer a soft hairstyle that does not stand out too much.


And for the rebel hedgehog?


It is one of the most popular cuts for summer 2016. We are talking about the beloved bob , the medium bob taken from the 1960s. Excellent for curly hair, it creates a wavy fringe separated into two equal sections that frame the face. It is perfect to show off on special occasions.


Pixie cut: feminine and modern


They are not all the same!


The pixie cut as a cut for short blonde hair is perfect. It gives a feminine and very elegant appearance, especially if enriched by a side fringe with a glossy blond hue. With or without accessories, it is the ideal hairstyle for everyday life. Excellent for those who want to amaze him day after day with hair always in order and a little cheeky.


As you can see, there are several ways you can style your sexy short blonde hair . From the most youthful cut to the dusting of vintage hairstyles , here is a selection of photos for you to take inspiration from. Choose the one that attracts you the most and show it to your hairdresser to renew your look!

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