Short curly hair: how do we manage it?

Short curly hair: how do we manage it?

Short curly hair presents, first of all, the most well-known problem for women: the hated CRESPO. Then, let’s not forget that with short curly hair it is extremely difficult to tame the volumes .


Let’s tame short curly hair


Let’s see in twelve simple steps how to overcome these problems and enjoy our spectacular short curly hair:




    (Applies to all hair types, but obviously it becomes even more necessary for those that are more difficult to manage) Let us get help from a professional:


    hairstylists, like any self-respecting professional, also have specializations . Choose one that is expert in managing particular hairstyles, such as short curly hair;



    We find and use a special shampoo:


    the scalp of women with short curly hair is different from that of women with other types of hair, and each scalp requires a different treatment during washing. There are shampoos created specifically for this , let’s use them!



    As with shampoo, even conditioner can be “specialist”:


    the different nature of hair ( frizzy , thick, thin, oily, etc.) requires a different type of conditioner . So if our hair is frizzy, we use a conditioner suitable for this nature of the hair;



    Do not use the brush:


    when we need to untie the knots, even more frequent in curly and frizzy hair , we NEVER use the brush , but always and only our fingers, with hair always wet, if not even wet and always after using the special conditioner;



    Using compresses to eliminate or greatly reduce frizz:


    argan oil lends itself wonderfully well for the elimination of frizz from our short curly hair. Let’s make a nice compress with this oil by letting act for at least an hour . Then we wash our hair pretty well;



    The turban:


    if we wrap our hair in a “turban” made with a towel and keep it up for at least twenty minutes we will have eliminated most of the water but we will also have avoided the annoying “flat effect” ;



    The hairdryer (if absolutely essential) ALWAYS with its own diffuser:


    for the use of the hairdryer three simple rules apply: 1. always use it at low speed; 2. Always use it at a not too high temperature; 3. Always use it with your diffuser and not too far from your hair;



    Gravity can also help us:


    while we dry the hair (normally with the head upwards), every now and then we put ourselves upside down because positioning the hair in a different way, you will avoid that annoying “flat effect “Typical of” still “drying of short curly hair ;



    Avoid touching hair while styling:


    during styling, avoid touching them with your fingers (never brush them, for heaven’s sake !!!) so you won’t alter the natural shape of the curl;



    The twist:


    if instead of the normal curls, you want to turn with a beautiful bushy hair, turn each strand around an index while styling the hair;



    Less curls and more waves:


    if instead of curls you only like undulations, the trick is to make a bun and dry them like this, tied ;



    The use of the hairpin:


    as we said short curly hair is “rebellious”. Well, to “bend” them to your will use hairpins where necessary .


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