Short cut and color, photos to share! Only the latest trends!

Short cut and color, photos to share! Only the latest trends!

Hair always in order, a freshness to wear and keep for a long time: it is the short cut . Short cut and color, a combination made of beauty, simplicity and freshness!


Short cut and color: practicality and personality


Also for this season 2015 – 2016 the trend of the short cut is confirmed in all its beauty and practicality. Sharp cuts, sometimes enriched with colors for an expressive liveliness always at the forefront.


It is the modern woman who combines increasingly pressing commitments with moments of relaxation where the practicality, serenity and femininity are the only undisputed characteristics. to enhance. And for all these situations the short cut, in its simplicity and practicality, never fails to support a clear personality that wants to impose itself .


A touch of color, whether it is full color or a splash of color, does not fail to underline the strength and intensity of a character.


Short cut and color: a timeless cut


Pixie , the transversal cut, adopted by teenagers as well as mature women , devoted to practicality without taking anything away from femininity and elegance, enhanced by the facial features that play in one with the haircut.


And looking at the new proposals of the beauty salons for the 2015 and 2016 season, while always seeking new forms and reinterpreting what has already been done, the pixie, sometimes extremized with a shaved , seems to do it again as master .

 In [… To enrich this offer is the color. Delicate and elegant ash blonde, as a total tint.

But more and more of the v were seen in their own shaves that contemplate colored tufts . Apparently in their own right but remodeled from time to time into one with the cut, like a disheveled look that just got out of bed.


Short cut and color: the continuous stylistic renewal


The new uncluttered disorder, punctuated with color and remodeled according to needs, in a continuous stylistic renewal .


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