Short cuts for round face? Yes, it can!

Short cuts for round face? Yes, it can!

Having a round face is more common than we think, just as it is very common for a woman to love short cuts , that’s why you have to read it all the way: here you find many wonderful ideas of [19459004 ] short cuts for round face !


Short cuts for round face


Each face has its right hair, and this is the reason why we write about short cuts for round faces: here you will find 30 fantastic ideas that girls and women with round faces and who love short cuts will be able to browse and to copy. You will go to your hairdresser with much clearer and more certain ideas of what you want from him .


Before leafing through the gallery, however, it is important to have some general notions about which short hair cuts are best suited to rounded faces.


The round face is beautiful!


First of all it must be said that the round face is absolutely not a defect , if anything a strong point ! However, each of us has the face that mother nature has given her and we need to know how to match the right cut to obtain the best possible look. NEVER forget that some celebs have round faces and have made them an icon. A few examples? Cameron Diaz first of all, but then also Evan Rachel Wood, Michelle Williams and Emma Stone, just to name a few.


Why short cuts for round face?


Without a doubt the best haircuts for round faces are the short ones , because leaving the neck uncovered they end up giving it a more oblong appearance and to make the head-neck set more tapered. Choosing, therefore, the short cuts for round face we have a multitude of options to select , starting from the short bob, which will be made very smooth with a row in the center or on the side and remembering to climb or slide them slightly. Even a little rough on the short bob does not hurt, preferring the movement of the tips. Avoid, however, the “all over” or even the curls because a volume too important instead of rebalancing the roundness of the face would emphasize them.


No curls for short cuts for round face?


Curling, however, is not prohibited ! The important thing is to opt, at this point, for a super short, a pixie or a boy’s cut. In this way, we will concentrate the volumes only on the top of the neck and therefore we will contribute to a sort of lengthening of the face. Having said that, we can widen the super shorts even to the smooth or slightly wavy ones, just scaling the tufts to get that messy, messy mood that is most popular today.


Finishing with make up


Of course, super shorts leave their faces very exposed , so a finishing touch with make-up is a must. Contouring is an apt move. Think of a nice make up that finishes a round face with a magnificent short bob, brought to the height of the chin, maybe a little below the level of the ears, a little choppy and with the final touch of a beautiful “cheekily” short fringe !


And the long ones?


Well, if you are really interested in the long one , let’s go off topic for a moment and give you some advice: the important thing is ALWAYS climbing and parading at the right point, remember that the smooth ones of the type ” spaghetti “touch the round faces and, in addition, with long hair, you would get a” weeping willow “effect, good only for a masked evening! Instead a lot of movement will rebalance the shapes of the face, perhaps keeping the hair a little shorter forward to frame the face and let’s pronounce the back lengths a little more to obtain a general stretching effect [ 19459005].


Undercut for short cuts for round face


A side shave with flowing hair on the other side will increase the sense of lengthening, excellent for short cuts, but not to be overlooked even for long cuts.


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