Short cuts for those with black or dark skin

Short cuts for those with black or dark skin

If you have black leather or very dark, the short cuts could represent an enviable opportunity to show off particularly gritty and fashionable hair. And, in order to offer you a possible overview of the many alternatives that you will have available, we have had the opportunity to structure a beautiful photogallery that – we are sure – can represent a range of truly formidable occasions, within which, perhaps, you can find the right alternative for your reference look.




Alternative that, of course, you will be able to customize with your right touch of style, color or accessory, making you unique and giving you an extra gear compared to all your friends and colleagues.


Let’s start with the cut. As demonstrated by the photogallery that follows, there are really dozens of alternatives available. For example, there are those who prefer natural cuts, letting vent curly or wavy hair as they like. Of course, there are those who prefer to give us a radical cut , with side or rear skirts. And of course there are those who prefer to show off extra lengths, tufts and particularly appreciable volume areas. All of this, of course, taking into consideration the need to achieve the aforementioned personalization of one’s style, thus making the hairstyle unique and distinguishable.




As far as color is concerned, also in this case it is good to remember that alternatives abound. The natural color will be mainly black or dark brown, and probably leaving the same color, or lightening it slightly by one shade, could be the most appropriate solution for your style solutions. However, there are those who prefer to radically change the color, perhaps focusing on fairly showy shades of blond. In any case, choose a color with which you will be comfortable all day, and not only for specific occasions!




Finally, one last piece of advice, which has already been partially “revealed”. Try not to just “choose” photography with the style that “seems” to be the ideal one. Always try to imagine that certain style and look on your garment, and also try to speculate what the effect of that look would be . Carefully evaluate the merits and defects of your face, and then try to also identify the style of the hair that can highlight the former and conceal the latter.


Once you have done this little exercise in style, proceed to speak openly with your trusted hairdresser and, once you have decided, proceed without delay to the cut and radical remodeling. Good luck and let us know how it went!

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