Short cuts ideal for the coming summer! All the new trends of the moment!

Short cuts ideal for the coming summer! All the new trends of the moment!

Short hair can be well used to alternatively recreate a cheeky and youthful look, or an ultra sensual and romantic one. It’s up to you to try to understand – together with your trusted hairdresser – how to be able to adopt the best look for what you want to communicate. A good part of the short cuts are also quite simple to recreate in your home. If, on the other hand, you want to use a little longer hair, nothing prevents you from revisiting in a modern key some of the hairstyles that have brought the best luck to women from all over the world , such as medium bob. And possibly use the bob in an ultra personalized way with rather aggressive tips and a very pronounced fringe, to completely cover the forehead.


A timeless cut is also that which provides for a long, lateral tuft, which can cover a part of the forehead, eye and cheeks. Among the main qualities of the hairstyle in question, the possibility of recreating it in a very simple way, every day.


If you love something more casual, try to launch yourself in the pixie-cut: the alternatives are certainly not lacking! You can alternate between cuts that are much more dynamic and falsely inattentive to the order, or focus on the traditional pronounced tuft.


In short, the alternatives are at hand (and scissors) and, as we have mentioned several times in this and other insights, it is sufficient to do a little critical analysis of yourself in order to be able to univocally identify the best look of the moment!


From short cuts a little more pronounced and longer to shorter and apparently masculine ones, from wavy bob to the most extravagant pixie cut ever, the choices available to women all over the world are many! Here you can for example see a beautiful asymmetrical bob cut, which rewards the brightness of the face and the strength of the face (to avoid the adoption of a similar cut if your features are very wide, as you will run the risk of flattening the figure).


And what about the colors? If you have been spoiled for choice in the preparation of the hairstyle, the same can be said with regard to identifying the color to match your look . Also in this case the alternatives are dozens: from red to black, from blond to copper, from bronze to the most extravagant and youthful colors, get advice from your trusted hairdresser.


So if you want to know what are the most “in” trends of the moment, and you want to understand how today’s girls can conquer greater femininity and seduction skills through a beautiful hairstyle, you are certainly in the right place: in a few lines your imagination will surely be fueled by a beautiful photographic extract!


Having said that, always remember that an element of great importance in choosing your new short haircut is to be attributed also to the color. Even if someone believes that short hair is simply too short to be able to try discolorations and trendy shades, do not pay attention: short hair is really the ideal starting point for any type of experimentation, and there is no type of obstacle or limit on your head!


Try to dare, but do it sparingly, because going back could be rather painful for the health of the hair (and the wallet!). So aim for a color that can reward your complexion and your eyes, and don’t forget to evaluate one of the many coloring or bleaching techniques currently in vogue, such as shatush and balayage!

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